DeAngelo Christmas Archive

Every year, Michael and Rhianna release a holiday themed bookmark that they send out to friends, families, and fans.

As new years come and go, we don’t want to forget our earlier stories.  This page will be the place to go if you ever want to see the adventures from the past, as well as the awesome bookmark art to go with it!

2015: Marriage, the Adventure Begins

These were given out as party favors for Michael and Rhianna’s wedding.  Since they met because of Michael’s writing and Rhianna’s art, a bookmark sounded like a perfect idea.  They worked with Leonardo Borazio to design a truly adventurous-looking scene.

There was no story tie-in with this bookmark.

2016: Christmas Wishes

The first official holiday bookmark, this one was put together with even more care and foresight than the wedding favors.  Michael and Rhianna came up with a concept, sent it over to Leo, and had him refine it into the spectacular thing you see above.

2016 was also the first year that there was a tie-in story to go along with the holiday art.  In Christmas Wishes,  the DeAngelo family make a wish at the sight of the first snow, and are surprised later when they’re whisked away to Tellest, where they meet the one-and-only Santa Claus.  He sends them on an adventure to help him save Christmas that year, and they get into a whole mess of trouble!

The back of the bookmark was put together by Michael.

2017: ???

We released the bookmark early!  The story is still cooking, but it’ll be ready by noon on the 23rd.  Coming along great!

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