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Awake Released in Audio

Howdy folks.  I come to you with fantastic news today.  Awake has become the fifth and final Tales of Tellest novella to release on Audible.


Narrated by Brandon McKernan, who has done work for us twice before, Awake is the tale of Venathryn of the Whisperwind Elves, who suffers from a terrible guilt made manifest in her dreams.

You can pick up Awake on Audible today for the low price of $6.95!

Mageborn Audiobook Giveaway!

Today, I’m announcing a small contest with 10 winners—with one catch: you have to be a subscriber to the Tellest Newsletter.  Each winner will earn a credit to get their own copy of the Mageborn audiobook for free.  Once you sign up, respond to the welcome email with the name of the floating continent in The Fall (hint: it starts with an S).

I’ll tally everyone up on Monday the 28th, and pick—at random—our ten winners, reach out to them and explain how to receive their free books.

Best of luck to all who enter, and thank you for being fans of Tellest!