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In 2022, Tellest will enter the NFT space.  To be clear, no original Tellest art will be converted into NFTs (and if you see any Tellest art minted into an NFT, it was not done by Tellest or its creators).

Rather, new art developed with the sole purpose of being NFT exclusive, will be created or commissioned through our partners.  In some cases, these will be unique, and in others, they will be derivate collections, meant to have the same appeal as trading cards.

Currently, we have two projects that we are working on:

Pocket Islands

This incredibly limited first series project will offer up three islands that exist within a pocket universe of Tellest, and as such, do not appear in the main cartography.  Wizards have created tokens that serve as ownership to these islands.  In the future, the wizards hope to be able to use ownership of these islands to provide exclusive content, such as travel to the islands, or the ability to acquire resources from the islands.


Heroes of Tellest Character Cards

These character tiles consist of ten portraits within the first series, with derivatives of each created.  The idea here is that these NFTs are collectable, and there are multiple rarities of each (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary).  The goal for these NFTs is to reward holders of complete sets of a rarity by giving them access to exclusive Tellest content.  For example, if you have a Common of each character, you might qualify for a printable bookmark and a timed-exclusive short story.  Higher rarity collections will score the holder better content.

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