Fantasy Promo – Heroes of MidAria: Heaven’s Demons

Howdy folks, and welcome to your final Otherworld stop of the week.  Angels are apparently what made the cut this week, because we’ve had stories chock full of them, and today will be no different.  The angels you’ll see here are going to be a bit different though, and they exist within an interesting fantasy world.  Read on to learn more about Heaven’s Demons.

Author Felix Cipher is a passionate worldbuilder who has taken his book through the wringer in order to put a lot more love into it in order to make it truly pop.  The first book in his epic fantasy series is Heroes of MidAria: Heaven’s Demons, and it is a spectacle.  Cipher crafts with wonderful worldbuilding, ensuring that MidAria has a personality all its own.  His characters are interesting and thought-provoking as well, and they always keep you guessing.  It doesn’t stop with Cipher’s writing, either.  The world he sets into motion here is livelier due to his art, and the language he’s built which leaves MidAria feeling distinct and lived-in.

In the strange and magical world of the Middle Realms, there are many diverse races of people that inhabit the lands. Humans, elves, dwarves, and plenty more civil creatures thrive on this planet. The different races are commonly viewed on a spectrum, and at the very ends of it, there are seraphs and demons. One exalted, and one feared. Every group in the middle of the gradient strives to be like the angels, as they are said to be pure-hearted and loving. Unfortunately, what people know about these beings almost always comes from what they have been taught rather than based on experience. Because of this, it is often preached that a person can only be either good or bad, and anything in between isn’t relevant.

It wasn’t easy for Dacitrynn, who grew up in a very uncomfortable spot his whole life. Being a crossbreed of an angel and a demon isn’t something that is welcomed in the world, especially since it is forbidden. After a lonely childhood of growing up as an outcast with the seraphs, it is finally time for Daci’s life to change when he is banished from the High Lands following a public fight with his stepbrother that grew violent. However, even though Dacitrynn no longer lives with the angels, society below proves itself to be just as―if not even more cruel―than his birthplace, and hopelessness soon leaves him feeling defeated. Even if things eventually start to calm, there is always another stressor that makes its way into the half-demon’s life, and at the end of the day, he can only find himself wandering back to the same two questions that have burdened him since the day of his birth:

Is there truly a place for such a horrible monster like him in the world, and what use could his existence possibly serve?

More than just frenetic, epic fantasy, you see characters and races through a lens of judgment in a way.  The story has themes of morality and growing self-awareness that are great for young adults, and it certainly stirs the imagination.  Fantasy readers who are looking for something magical and unexpected are in for a treat with this book.  While an eBook version is on the way, Cipher’s already got an excellent hardcover version of the book that will be ready to be delivered to your doorstep as early as Sunday if you act now.  Check out Heroes of MidAria: Heaven’s Demons on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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