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We very rarely deal with the supernatural on Tellest, but sometimes it bears letting it into the fold.  That realm can be encompassed within Science Fiction or Fantasy, so I think we’re going to open ourselves up to that kind of thing.  With that in mind, we have a particularly awesome one to present to you today.

Dark of Night is Marios Savva’s first novel in his Man from the Yard series.  Sheriff Blakemoore has some history in Scotland Yard, and he brings his expertise to the United States.  Of course, things go awry, and he might learn that the town of Whitesands is more than what it first appears.



Jane takes part in Ouija board séance while a teenager in school. This results in the arrival of a dark and evil entity which kills all Jane’s friends who took part with her. Several years after that séance, she is the sole survivor and is being continuously tormented by this entity. She flees to the small town of Whitesands where, after a terrible accident caused by the entity finally trying to kill her, she meets sheriff Jake Blakemoore who is a famous English detective from Scotland Yard now living in the U.S. Together with his trusted deputy and best friend Chief, who is a Native American Indian, the two men try to save Jane from the dark entity resulting in tragic consequences for the whole town – and for both men.

Though this is Savva’s first time writing fiction, he has plenty of experience with writing, primarily dealing with psychology.

If you’re interested in this great Supernatural title though, take a look at his book on Amazon.  And you can read more about the man himself here.


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