Science Fiction Promo – The Child Killer: Death Earth Chronicles

In a good deal of the fantasy that we read, the worlds are lush and full of life.  We build those literary universes up because it invites more into our imagination.  It takes us beyond what we already know.  But what if you turned that premise inside out, and instead began taking away from the world we knew?

Adam Conway has the answer with his book, The Child Killer, part of the Dead Earth Chronicles.  In a dystopian future, the world is dying, and Jeremiah Waller is trying to piece together the cause.  More importantly, he’s trying to solve the mystery of his own memory loss—made all the more harrowing by the apparent death of his son.


You’ve lost twenty years of memory.

You’re trapped in a desert.

You’ve been captured by slavers.

You have a video tape of your own children’s death.

Jeremiah Waller has too many questions and he is going to get some answers anyway he can.


The Child Killer is a quick read that will definitely be over before you know it as you race through the pages to discover the hidden truths that Conway has tucked inside.  If you’re interested in purchasing the book, pick it up on Amazon today!

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