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I love it when we have awesome books that serve as awesome Otherworld bookends for a week.  We started it off with a wonderful fantasy, and we’re wrapping up with a delightful science fiction story in Zodiac Supreme: Utopia.  This is one of those books you’d be able to get today and tear through over the weekend, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.  But enough of all that—you’re here for the sneak peek!

Terry Wells brings his storytelling talents to bear with his new coming-of-age Science Fiction tale, Zodiac Supreme: Utopia, the first book in this new series.  Zodiac Supreme has a pseudo LitRPG feel to it in some ways, with world beyond our own that Wells’s protagonists plug into.  Wells also explores some concepts that often get overlooked in other science fictions, and it’s interesting to consider them.  What makes his story click the most though is his care of his characters.

Zodiac Supreme Utopia

Have you ever wondered which zodiac sign is the best? This is the series that will definitively answer that question!


Teenagers of every zodiac sign wake up in a virtual world called Zo.
For the most part, this fake world is identical to the real one. Zo has its unique perks though.
Money doesn’t exist, so anything and everything is free. The teens’ modified bodies don’t require food or sleep. And the entirety of Zo is theirs to explore.
Unbeknownst to them, their choices and personalities are being studied to determine the best zodiac.
Which signs will resist the appeal of this utopian world and try to escape? Which signs will never want to leave?

Aside from great characters who you want to learn more about, Wells leaves you wondering about several threads that just need answering.  There’s also a really interesting power system in the story that is sure to have you thinking about your own powers if you were to find yourself in the world the author has created.  If you’re looking for a fun sci-fi read that will leave you itching for a follow-up, look no further.  Check out Zodiac Supreme: Utopia on Amazon today!

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