LitRPG Promo – New Lands Online Book 1: Encounters: A LitRPG Series

Hey there folks!  We’re officially halfway through the year now, and we’re getting into those hot months where you want nothing more than to hang out inside and thumb through the pages of your next favorite book.  Well, if you’re a fan of LitRPG stories, I’ve got that favorite waiting for you!

New Lands Online Book 1: Encounters is a gripping story that has you follow along with Kano as his world is upended and stitched back together, seemingly no worse for wear at first.  Author A.O. Storm begins to draw back the curtain though, and you realize that not all is as it seems, and the world expands beyond belief.  Storm does a great job of developing characters you enjoy reading about, and he makes you interested in New Lands Online, and seeing where Kano will go.

Drive to the snow resort. Teach snowboarding. Rinse and repeat.

Kano was enjoying life, though broke, as a snowboarding instructor in Lake Tahoe until an accident happened. Due to a hospital mix up, his life takes a novel turn and he ends up inside New Lands Online, as its first ever digital human.

He never signed up to be the main character in an ultra realistic virtual reality game, where bodily functions are as real as can be, and has to learn new skills to survive.

Will Kano level up inside New Lands Online, or will the game world get the best of him for the 978th time? Find out in book one: Encounters and experience the epic adventure!

With four other books on the horizon, book one sets up a lot of the pieces in a fun, engrossing way.  Storm is witty and playful with dialog and scenes, and you can tell that he enjoyed the RPG elements of the story.  Analytical enough to make sense of the stats and the world logic, yet entertaining in his world-building, Storm makes this first jaunt into New Lands Online a thoroughly entertaining one.  Check out New Lands Online Book 1: Encounters on Amazon today!

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