Interview with Aaron Alberto

This month has been chock full of interviews with a host of storytellers.  We’ve been introduced to talespinners who build huge worlds and dive deep into lore and ancient history.  Today, we’re going to flip the script, and explore the works of an author who creates content quickly across many genres.  Read on to learn more about Aaron Alberto!



Tellest: Hello there, Aaron!  I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to interview you.  I usually go on and do some research on my interview subjects before the interview starts, but you’re an enigma!  I couldn’t find very much about you yet, so we’re going to take this one and run with it.  Welcome to the interview!

Aaron Alberto: It is so awesome to be interviewed- especially about my books! Thank you for the interview, nothing more, nothing less! This one book in particular- Life In Colors marks a time era in my life where things were at high stake yet I managed to finish this tale and get it independently published on Amazon just in time for its release! It also got a limited release on Walmart’s website!



T: Did you publish Life In Colors on your own, or did you have a small publishing group handle that work for you?  What was it like getting your latest book added to the Walmart website?

AA: I published Life In Colors on my own, I was so driven at that time to get it complete in such a short amount of time due to getting a feel of the amazingness on Amazon’s publishing kindle services, it really did not feel like work for me. Getting to finish writing Life In Colors was incredibly exciting to do, that its publication felt like such an accomplishment for me. Getting this book added to Walmart’s website felt amazing because in a way it was like “Wow, it is still available only to purchase virtually- yet it is on WALMART’s website- the biggest retailer out there!” Just one step closer in the right direction to succeeding at my craft !



T: Long term readers of the interviews here on Tellest will know that I always want to know what inspired the storytellers I speak to.  Was there a specific person in your life that started you off on your writing journey, or perhaps a book that spoke to you?

AA: The books that spoke to me were the Goosebumps books by R.L. Stein, I used to read them all the time back in Elementary school! And one day I thought to myself “Hey, maybe I should give it a try at writing myself?” And the rest is history. Also, during my first-grade year of Elementary school, there was a guest teacher that would come into class to encourage us to write short stories on these little story booklets. Quite fantastic! Throughout elementary school, I was a huge reading geek and then in middle school, I would tune out a lot as literature was no longer a priority in the curriculum. So, I turned to the internet and would write short, entertaining stories on Fanon Wiki. I put off my writing talents in high school until the final days of my Junior year when the initial idea of The Magical Train started floating around my mind- “I just gotta take AP Language for senior year” I thought to myself and therefore I did!

During senior year I had the fantastic notion of having Ms. Axt as my AP Language teacher (I previously had her for English 9). It felt like a full circle for me being her student again. It was senior year, and I already had my required credits to graduate so I would be absent a lot from school, however the course was so worthwhile and applicable that even if you were to be in Ms. Axt’s writing classes for just five minutes, your writing would automatically improve by like over a great extent ! May she Rest In Power, since she passed away during the same time that I was writing Life In Colors!



T: Losing such an inspiration can be a very challenging thing.  Moving into the books that will come after Life In Colors, do you have any worries or anxiety?  Or is writing in her memory a driving force?

AA: I felt incredibly sorrowful with the passing of my teacher Ms. Axt who was definitely my most significant figure in getting me to improve my writing to what it is at the moment! I do feel some anxiety after she died because it was just kind of unexpected you know?!! Literally the entire situation almost went viral on social media! However, at that time as I was finishing writing Life In Colors, it made me realize that by getting to publish the book, I would be doing a huge favor for her, and the community we actively engaged with. Writing in her memory is definitely a huge force in my upcoming projects because it is like “No, Ms. Axt, your teachings are not in vain! They are giving this boy some additional cash to thrive in life! “And that is truly wonderful! I just found her curriculum during senior year of high school so gainful, I hope whoever carries on her torch at teaching AP Language at Rancho High School does just as an excellent and well accomplished job as she did so that there can be a handy new generation of writers from the school I used to go to!



T: I believe I saw that at one point you were publishing on Wattpad.  What was that experience like for you, and how did it affect the way people were finding your books?

AA: I originally start writing my stories on Wattpad because the formatting on the platform makes it easier for me to sort out the chapters of the books I want to write, and it gives me a word count I can continuously look at to make sure I’m heading in the correct direction for how long I intend my book to be. Wattpad also guarantees immediate copyright so that is protection for my book before it even gets made or published.



T: You’ve written a couple of other books over the past year or so, and it appears that Life In Colors is the second fantasy that you’ve released.  Do you have a genre that you prefer to write in, or do you like to dabble?

AA: My first fantasy book was The Magical Train, and it is the most successful book which I have written thus far. I am actually considering expanding that one to send out to a literary agent very soon! Many people are getting to know me through the fantasy genre, however, I actually got my writing origin in the genre of horror. I am also open to dabbling in all other genres, however horror and fantasy will always be my inner comfort zones.



T: Life In Colors feels very much as though it was created so that readers could see the magic in everything.  It’s a whimsical tale—not say that there aren’t more serious moments—that seems like it could have been challenging to capture.  How did you make it seem so easy?

AA: I really wish I knew how to describe perfectly how I managed to write Life In Colors so meticulously in such a short amount of time. I guess I was excited by the initial record sales of The Magical Train and Edge of Dreaming (one of my short stories collection books), I thought to myself right after; “I just gotta write another all-original novella for Amazon” and so I did! I just immediately shut off everything right around me and went straight through creating a world set in medieval Spain!



T: How did you come up with the characters in Life In Colors?  Some of them feel a little more down to Earth, but others seem larger than life.

AA: Well for Adoro, I wanted a Latino protagonist in this book, and since he was visiting Spain- arguably the main heroine besides The Lady of Elche, Solana just had to be of Spanish descent. Knowing the story was going to be about time traveling set in Medieval Spain- the rest of the characters just adhered to that time era, as in there were going to be Kings, Queens and Knightsmen included in the story as well, maybe some mythical beings too- like serpents hiding treasures and trolls too !

The most intriguing character in the book definitely has to be The Lady of Elche, highly resembling an ancient goddess or priestess, as she most likely is ! The Lady of Elche immediately captivated the internet when I showed her off. She is definitely the breadwinner character for this story, as she was the mystical one pulling the strings on Life In Colors’ story narratives.



T: Along with The Magical Train, this one also ends up being a bit like a portal fantasy.  What is it that you enjoy about sending contemporary characters into worlds of mystical, magical circumstances?

AA: I just feel like everyday life can get boring with usual routines, and traditions. It is like why not go explore a world that is completely different from ours, you know?!! So, I guess the intrigue of setting a contemporary character in a world unlike ours that is full of charm is very thrilling! I specifically enjoy seeing these sorts of characters get a break from the overbearing rules of society, and just go to another world to experience something that is totally stimulating to their adventurous side without limits!



T: With all the books that you work on, do you see yourself continuing to explore new stories?  Have you considered returning to one of the stories you’ve already written, and developing a sequel or other sort of follow-up?

AA: I am actually about to publish an all original book for Amazon in a few days, kind of a horror and fantasy mashup! Yes, I have a feeling that it might break new thresholds in sales units and royalties. I truly hope it does well, cause it kind of feels like the completion of a trilogy y’know?!! The Magical Train, Life In Colors, and now BIRDHAZARD?!! It is amazing to get to express oneself through creative writing.

Life In Colors felt like a standalone story for me, when I wrote it, I saw it as a story that would probably get no sequel or prequel cause it’s so great and it told the message it had to tell! However, the one character in the book that intrigued people the most- The Lady of Elche got so much positive, and admirable attention that I think I just might write a standalone story for her someday in the distant future! Maybe The Lady of Elche time travels to the early 2000’s and meets the love of her life and has to save the world or something along those lines…or better yet The Lady of Elche goes on a mega 1980’s pop/rock adventure. Ha, for sure I’ll come up with something quirky and entertaining for just her alone to shine.

With The Magical Train being my most successful book thus far, I am actually planning on extending it and sending it out to a literary agent, perhaps before the year ends. It would be very exciting to see what a possible trilogy this book could bring forward since that was always the original plan. However, the allure of Amazon’s kindle publishing services just made me absolutely nerd out- and so I decided to write a few all original novellas on the service for a bit before I get all serious with editors and literary agents. It just has to happen someday !



T: Right now, your book is available in paperback only.  Do you have any plans on releasing it in eBook format or audiobook in the future?

AA: Life In Colors being easily my most successful book after The Magical Train has made me consider releasing it in eBook format multiple times before, and I just might shortly after! However I would very much like to see the sales for all of my books go up before I consider making audiobooks, but the possibility will always be there, for sure!



T: If someone wanted to find out more about you, where could they go?  Do you have a website or social media page you could point them to?

AA: If people want to find out more about me, they could google my name on social media. My Twitter handle is: @Aar0nalberto and my Instagram is: @aarth.scape if they ever wanna message me, my DMs are pretty much open to anyone who wants to ask me anything ! I am about to start posting some more pictures soon on Instagram cause I have just received such positive feedback about my books, that I just know I have to return for another round to keep it up with the unorthodox fun. Let there be literature!



T: Aaron, I wanted to thank you for taking your time to talk to me about your books.  I’m sure it took up some writing time, so I appreciate the opportunity.  Best of luck on your future releases, and on your literary pursuits!

AA: Thank you so much for the interview and for acknowledging me to be able to share my thoughts, feelings and circumstances that went on while writing this book- Life In Colors! It was definitely an enigmatic time just as much, possibly even more than The Lady of Elche herself. Please do check out this book, it is a wonderful time traveling tale that tests familial relationships over time! And always feel free to check out my other books as well- they are just as orphic, and entertaining as this one! Oh and do not forget to anticipate my new, original novella BIRDHAZARD which will be released in a few days! First one in months since Life In Colors, you will not want to miss out on this spectral mashup of horror meeting fantasy! Truly grateful for this awesome opportunity, thank you immensely for taking the time to interview me!



As you can see, Aaron has plenty of work to do on his other stories.  This storyteller works feverishly to make sure his audience has something new to read all the time.  With that in mind, it was an awesome chance that we had to see what makes him tick and learn more about the worlds he is creating.  While you’re waiting for his new books to come out, remember to check out his older books too (you can see his catalog on Amazon, here).  Why not start by checking out Life In Colors on Amazon today?

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