Historical Fantasy – Xaghra’s Revenge

Howdy fantasy lovers!  It’s a new week, and that means new books!  Some of you have tomorrow off, which means you should totally be diving into the book we’re showing off today from the Otherworld.

Geoff Nelder delivers a historical fantasy like you would believe in Xaghra’s Revenge.  He’s done the research, and he’s got the receipts.  More importantly, he has the formula down for a captivating read that transcends time.  Nelder is an articulate and calculated wordsmith, and while entertaining, Xaghra’s Revenge also feels academic, to the point that you’d be hard-pressed to believe Nelder doesn’t have some window to the past available to him.  His characters feel true to life, whether it’s in our time, or a time far in the past.

Fact: When pirates raided the Mediterranean island of Gozo in 1551 life changed there for ever.

Fiction: those spirits needed revenge and I gave it to them. Xaghra’s Revenge is a contemporary and historical fantasy set in Malta, France and Libya. Two modern lovers thrown together by ancient spirits discover one is descended from pirates, the other from an abductee, but which one is which?

Nelder had earned a flawless five stars on Amazon, and once you start reading, you’re sure to see why.  The set-ups are well-written, and the twists are sure to widen the eyes.  History buffs and fans of fantasy alike are sure to enjoy this tale, as it will no doubt stick in their mind long after they turn the last page.  Check out Xaghra’s Revenge on Amazon today!

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