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Howdy folks, and welcome back to another edition of “The Otherworld Beckons”, now coming to you once a week, it seems!  We’ve got a very interesting look at a fantasy that grows and stretches and evolves in interesting and quirky ways like you would not believe.  Read on to see just what is going on.

Timothy S. Boucher has what can be described as a one-of-a-kind style.  This is seen through the remarkable lens of his storytelling in the catching and quirky The Lost Direction.  An anthology of sorts, this volume in the Lost Books of Quatria follows interesting tales of the history of the remarkable world that Boucher has sewn together.  It’s a curious and fun balance of weirdness and witticisms, of abstract ideas and magical adventure.

The Lost Books of Quatria introduce modern audiences to the forgotten ancient myths and epic tales of that mysterious pre-historic civilization once known as Quatria.

This first volume chronicles the legendary voyages of Benda the Fisherman opening the Gate of Song, the tragic romance of Elum and Delrin, the founding of the Order of the Tempest, the curious adventures of Tob Gobble, and much more.

If you’re looking for a set of stories that builds upon a world in a whimsical, “get lost in the magic” kind of way, The Lost Direction is a great opportunity for you.  Boucher references The Odyssey in the beginning of this collection, and it’s easy to see why.  The tales are poetry, tried and true.  Boucher crafts his yarns with what feels like the greatest of ease, and you’d be forgiven for thinking this wasn’t his debut release.  If you’re ready to dive in, why not visit the website that the book calls home?  Check out The Lost Direction on Lost Books, and from there, pick up the book on!
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Michael DeAngelo

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