Fantasy Promo – Immortal Shadow

Hello there folks!  As we move toward the holidays, we’re going to try and promote a few more other fantasy works here on Tellest. After all, our new set of books aren’t going to start their grand releases until March of next year.

That said, let’s take a little journey to Lan Darr.  It’s a world created by Anderson Atlas (perfect name for a worldbuilder, eh?), who has had his hand in creating incredible fantasies for several years now. In Immortal Shadow, the third book in the Heroes of Distant Planets series, Lan Darr is under duress because of the villainous Jibbawk. Read on to discover why this story could make the perfect gift for your favorite fantasy reader:


Jibbawk rises to dominate the planet Lan Darr. He rules with an iron fist and without mercy, building his empire larger and faster than all other Shadic planets. But it isn’t enough. He dreams of becoming one of the fabled Immortal Rulers, no matter the cost. Only when resistance comes from the least likeliest place, a teenager from Earth, does he see his authority challenged.

And the rebels came by the least expected route.

Read this story through the eyes of Jibbawk, but be warned. It is not for the faint of heart, for the Shadics are friends of the darkest shadows.

With Christmas right around the corner, you’re probably looking for some last minute gifts for your loved ones.  For the fantasy lover in your family, this is a great grab.  It releases two days before Christmas—exciting, otherworldly, and thoroughly captivating, Immortal Shadow is a wonderful story that will help close out this awesome year for fantasy. Pre-order this new fantasy novel from Amazon today!

And don’t forget to checkout the trailer below:

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Michael DeAngelo

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