Fantasy Promo – Aqua Maddas

Howdy folks!  I hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday, and that you’re ready for 2021.  This week, we have a couple of last-minute trips to the Otherworld for you to wrap up your year, starting with a doozy of a story in Aqua Maddas.

Lisa Hale tackles a broad array of tricky concepts in Aqua Maddas, a tale about the self and the mysteries that surround that concept.  In many ways, the story feels like a collection of poetic allegories, as Hale writes with a pleasing tone and cadence.  Indeed, in some ways it almost seems as though this could be an underwater trip through the looking glass, as it shines a lens on the way certain people think and relate.

Aqua Maddas is a genderless sea creature, trapped in a mental health ward. They have stories to share about their mystical adventures at sea, their journey through human history and the fascinating characters they meet, leading up to their imprisonment. The weird, funny and unique tale of Aqua Maddas explores the wonders of the ocean, introduces you to majestic aquatic creatures, and raises awareness of psychosis recovery.

Dive into a watery realm of wonder, fantasy and enchantment, and prepare to have your imagination stretched and heart warmed.

Hale manages to take the distinct and varied pieces of her story, and weave them together into something that finds a beautiful coherence.  This is especially impressive since her book untangles such topics as mental health, self-identification and even human nature.  If you’re looking for something a bit more different that has a lot of heart and a beautiful message, this tale could be up your alley.  Check out Aqua Maddas on Amazon today!

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