Fantasy Book Promo – The Cult of Yex Saga – Part I: Second Cataclysm

Phew, that title is a mouthful!  It feels like it’s been a while since we talked about a book from Otherworld (though it’s only been 10 days).  Luckily, we’ve got a whole series to talk about today!  The Cult of Yex Saga, a highly ambitious epic fantasy that’s been crafted lovingly by two authors (a first for our promos) is what’s on the table today.

At least three novels deep, the series is a must-read for anyone who has grown to love epic fantasy.  Folks, this is the kind of story that has been brewing since the turn of the century, and that can only mean good things.


In Second Cataclysm, Jason F. Smith and C. Parker Garlitz have launched a revolution in epic high fantasy. Four brave heroes from the desert city of Demon’s Bluff find themselves in a desperate race to foil the reemergence of the ancient Cult of Yex. Cael, Needle, Brynn and Mallet discover that their destinies are inextricably intertwined and the future of their world is in mortal peril. When a massive prophesied earthquake rips their hometown, the heroes are swept into a relentless struggle against the secretive and pernicious Cult.


The Cult of Yex Saga shatters the mold of traditional epic fantasy, elevating it to new heights of storytelling sophistication. The Cult of Yex Saga is an exquisite blend of magic and high fantasy told in the exciting style of a thriller: mystery, suspense and fast-paced action. The exciting new fantasy world is filled with compelling characters, atmospheric settings and terrifying villains. Don’t start reading unless you are planning to lose sleep and skip work. The more layers of the cult’s diabolical scheme you uncover, the more you begin to comprehend the far-reaching depths of their nefarious plot. From the captivating first page to the heart-stopping climax, the masterfully woven plot will compel you to keep the pages turning. Brace yourself: The Cult of Yex Saga is unlike any fantasy series you have ever read.

The Cult of Yex Saga is a multi-part epic fantasy series:

• Part I: Second Cataclysm
• Part II: Prophecies of Old
• Part III: Bystle Vale
• More: Coming soon…


I just love it when I see more coming soon.  You definitely owe it to yourself to invest some time into this new series.  You can start off by finding Part I: Second Cataclysm on Amazon.  After that, you should give a gander at The Cult of Yex Saga website, as it gives you some more insight into both the story that’s being woven, and the authors that are bringing it to life.


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