Dark Fantasy Promo – A Master is Born

Howdy folks.  It’s time for our second stop to the Otherworld, and we’ve got an interesting one for you indeed, and one you’ll certainly not want to miss.  Evan Bollinger has been making a name for himself as the writer of horror, sci-fi and fantasy fusions.  But today, we get a look at his upcoming high fantasy novel, A Master is Born.

A Master is Born tells the tale of a world thrust into darkness, and what must be done to save it.  And of course, with Evan Bollinger, a prolific author of darker and moodier tales, at the helm, there are still some more mature and frightening horror elements to the story.  In fact, the way that Bollinger captures the prose in some places is probably unlike what you’re used to, but it informs the story and carries it in a way that is both impressive and apt to what transpires.  It’s like dark poetry in some cases.

The Seam between this world and the next, just ripped…

A mysterious and ferocious blight has been unleashed upon Prim Ordal, rapidly transforming living things everywhere into deathly perversions of themselves. As the darkness unfolds, Roscoe Coats – a hunter without a past – seeks the impossible.

A power. A mastery, foretold by legend and forgotten by man.

Now, coveted by a legion undead and surrounded by powerful magites, Roscoe must face the quest of his life. In a world where magic is despised and destroyed, he might just harbor the rarest of all…

The clock is ticking. The blight is spreading, and everywhere the magites go, the shadows seem to follow. Can the young Master rise before the Nether consumes?

Or are some gifts too good to be true?

Bollinger has crafted a tale that is too good to pass up for those who like darker stories.  More importantly, he’s managed to build a story that you can’t pull yourself away from, each page growing with more intrigue than the last.   And if you’re looking for a story of this style and quality, there’s perhaps no better to time to jump on it than now.  You can pick up A Master is Born for free on BookFunnel, but you’ll have to move fast.  The book’s release date will be here next week!

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Michael DeAngelo

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