Urban Fantasy Promo – Our Fathers

It sure has been a rough year.  Sometimes you need to sit back and laugh (when you can), and we may just have a trip you can pencil in on your Otherworld calendar to help you with that.  Today we’ll be taking a look at a book that’s more lighthearted than most, called Our Fathers.

Simon Carr has the wit of a playwright, and his book, Our Fathers, has the content to match some great comedies.  As much theater script as it is stream-of-consciousness, the book will likely have you in stitches as two priests battle the denizens of hell as they try to invade our world.  Carr certainly doesn’t take things too seriously, and neither do his two protagonists, Fathers O’Malley and O’Riley.  It’s a perfect retreat from darker and more dismal tales.

Bishops Point is about to face its biggest crisis since the distempered badgers attacked, Father O’Riley and Father O’Malley are all that stand in the devil’s way, the forces of hell descend upon the sleepy Irish town en masse, but they were not expecting the good fathers to lead a rebellion against them.

If you’re looking for a delightfully funny read that paints doom and gloom in a brighter light, Simon Carr has got you covered.  Just about all the characters are hilariously incompetent, leading to some off-the-walls buffoonery that you won’t soon forget.  If you’re looking for some light, satirical fare, this is the book for you.  Check out Our Fathers on Amazon today!

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