The Thunderfury Saga

Son of the Storm

Son_of_the_Storm_TitlingThe dwarves of Clan Thunderfury toiled away at the dirt beneath the Goldenscale Cliffs. Day by day, they mined the stone and by night they drank away their aches and pains with a mug of frothy mead or ale. All the while, Dorn Thunderfury felt the outcast among his people. More comfortable among the grass and clean air than the mines below, he was often relegated to banal tasks.

His whole world was shaken by the appearance of the human babe upon the hammer of their ancient king. But when Bolt was adopted by the clan, under his care, his place in it was ought to change.

When Dorn sat down to tell the tales of his son, they often grew in size and shape. Though there were bound to be some inconsistencies, one thing was true: Even among the dwarves, Bolt was a hero.

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Lord of Thunder

Following Bolt Thunderfury’s apprehension by Tarsonian soldiers, he spends some time telling a fellow captive one of his most impressive adventures. When an avarian came to the Goldenscale Cliffs, no one could have expected that Bolt would jump at the opportunity to help him, especially when the monster that threatened the birdman and his people was a menacing frost giant!


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