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Concept Art I by Azot

Hey there folks.  So, one of the things we pride ourselves on here at Tellest is a great amount of content, and ways to see into the world of our writing.  Thus far, most of the focus on that has been through the characters, and to some extent, various maps and locale concept art.

One of the things we’ve been missing out on is a representation of the treasures and artifacts that our characters wield.  Tellest is very much a fantasy world, and as such, we knew it was important to show that magic exists everywhere.

To that effort, we’ve banded together with a new artist named Azot, to show you some awesomely visualized versions of the treasures our characters wield.

First up, let’s show off what I believe is Kaos Kreegan’s most badass piece of equipment.  The Sky Talon is a grappling hook that can root itself magically in the air, allowing Kaos to swing and hover over obstacles and enemies.

Sky Talon Desaturated

Again, these are highly stylized, so they wouldn’t quite look like this in universe, but who wants to see something as mundane as that?

Sky Talon

Here you can see the colorized version of it.  This definitely looks like the tool of a treasure hunter!

And what kind of treasure would Kaos be hunting?  Why not the magical sword, Wildfire?


Azot gave us versions of the sword with both the non-ignited and flaming versions.

Wildfire 2

It pops off the page even more in full color.  That symbol on the sword is the first time we’re seeing Kaos Kreegan’s logo.  In the books, it’s a blue triangle and a black sun, but it looks perfect here.

Throughout the rest of the year, we’ve got much more to show you from Azot.  Keep your eyes peeled for our next update!

The Sky Talon



The Sky Talon is one of Kaos Kreegan’s magical antiquities.  It is also one of several that he cannot explain his possession of.  In the year 976, a sizable portion of Kaos’ memory had lapsed.  One day, he woke up in a field in southwestern Raleigh, the Sky Talon among his belongings.


At first glance, the Sky Talon appears to be naught but a mundane grappling hook.  Unlike its commonplace counterparts, however, it can rest in midair.  Whoever wields the Sky Talon can will it to lock into place, where it will act as though it has hooked onto stone.  Likewise, the wielder can express their desire to release the hold, which will drop the device into their hands.

Early Events

Upon waking far from home in a strange land, Kaos realized that he had acquired several items that he was unfamiliar with.  Among them was a simple looking grappling hook.  Unfortunately, because of its innocuous appearance, Kaos was unaware of its uncanny ability for quite some time.

Kaos activated the Sky Talon for the first time without being conscious of his actions.  Beset upon by goblins, he ran for his life, and was keen on leaping from the height of a waterfall, praying that he would land safely within its gentle embrace below.  He realized his err too late, however, when the sight of the rocks caught his attention.  His prayer instead landed upon his nameless grappling hook, which he desperately swung toward the rock face.

Miraculously, he believed he caught himself on one of the waterfall’s jutting rocks on his way down.  As he carefully ascended the cable of the hook, he realized the truth.  The grapple was merely resting in midair, answering his prayer in the most insane way he could think of.

Ongoing Operations

Once Kaos was aware of the grappling hook’s amazing characteristics, he gave it the name Sky Talon.  It became one of his more regularly used tools, gaining him entry into hard to reach places and offering him escapes when they were sorely needed.