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Character Art – Kaiyonani

Hello folks!  We’re still recovering from Comic Con Philly, so this post is going be a short one, but still a goodie!

Our latest new property is Dragonspeaker, and with things still fresh in everyone’s mind, we thought there was no better time than the present to show off our awesome kaja, Kaiyonani.

We’ve shown off some of Rigrena’s work before, but now it’s time to see what she can do with an anthropomorphic character.

As is pretty typical, we started off with some basic line art.  This let us know what we could expect of the final piece.

And what a final piece it was…

Rigrena loves to give awesome backgrounds to her pieces, so she threw Kaiyonani in the canyon that appears in Dragonspeaker.  Her take on the character is also incredible.  She has a good sense of motion.  And we get the awesome staff that has been featured again and again!

We still have more collaborations with Rigrena on the horizon.  Stay tuned for our next one!

Art – Cast of Arise

Hey there folks!

We have just a quick one for you this week, as I’m settling back into things after a loss in the family.

I love working things out with new artists, and Rigrena has been one of the ones I happily put into the win column in the last year.  She did some emergency work for us for the Kickstarter in September, and we’ve decided to use her again.

We utilized Rigrena’s skills for promotional work on our last book that’s releasing this year, Arise.  The sequel to Awake, we wanted to see her interpretation on Venathryn and Maravek, and we expanded it to our other two heroes, Vandelas and Faradorn.

The finished version is very impressive.  I’m a big fan of the beautiful background she put together for us, too.

So what do you think?  Do you like Rigrena’s artwork for Tellest? Should we get her to do more stuff fairly soon??  Sound off in the comments and let us know your feelings!