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Fantasy Promo – Fariidinus Book 2: Sisters of the Blood

Earlier this week, we looked at the works of L.E.Parr once again. We’ve seen her debut book in the Fariidinus series, Wings of the Exile, a few times.  Over the next couple of days, though, we’re going to be exploring beyond that first book, and delving into the deeper reaches of her tales.

We’ve looked at Sisters of the Blood before as well, but this book is our feature today.  It follows closely behind the original book, and portrays the fairy Kirin as a worthy adversary to the evil Highmother.  It introduces new allies and explores more of the Heartland.


Kirin and Stone have returned to the Heartland where she has been given sanctuary by the wyrMaster in the Red Valley. Her unprecedented return from exile has polarized the great Houses and enraged the evil HighMother. A divided Heartland quickly becomes embroiled in a fiery civil war with Stone leading the combined armies with their new ally–the winged telepathic bloodcats. Kirin becomes the deadly weapon she was resurrected from exile to be.

This is still just the beginning of our talks about the Parr’s books and the Fariidinus series.  If you liked Wings of the Exile, you’ll love returning to the Heartland to read Sisters of the Blood.  Check it out on Amazon today!


Fantasy Promo – Fariidinus Book I: Wings of the Exile

As a self-published writer of fantasy who has been around for a while now, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with some awesome people.  I’ve been able to chat with my personal writing hero, R.A. Salvatore, interview the creators of awesome fantasy games, and of course, work on my series to a level I wouldn’t have dreamed up sixteen years ago.

One of the coolest things that I’ve been able to do, however, is band together with authors just like me.  L.E.Parr has been a consistent ally of ours, and I cannot sing her praises enough.

Parr’s tales exist around a series called Fariidinus (though she’s expanding beyond that soon enough).  Her world takes place on and beyond the reaches of contemporary Earth, and revolves around a fairy realm—but these aren’t your prim and proper, delicate little garden loiterers.  No, these fairies will give you a run for your money, since they’re both beautiful and deadly.


A heart broken exile will do just about anything to have her wings restored including returning to her homeland to start a war.

Kirin, a young fariidinus fey, is judged and condemned to the knife. After her wings are removed, she is exiled to the mainland where she is rescued by Stone, a young man who is part of a group of Heartland expatriates. The expatriates have long had a plan to restore the wings of a fariidinus with the right gifts in order to send her back into the Heartland as a weapon against the evil Highmother, Letal. Kirin is bitter and angry and not sure she wants to be part of the plan until Letal brings her war to the mainland and there is no other choice but to fight back.

With as much as Parr has written (and continues to write), this book is sure to be thought of very fondly.  It’s the first tale in a series that continues to grow and surprise, and it catches your attention instantly.  The series is about to grow even bigger, with two more books right around the corner.

For now though, it’s a good time to check out this first book on Amazon.  You’ll want to be caught up on the preceding books before the fifth and sixth release!


Science Fantasy Promo – Chaos (un)Controlled

Hello there folks, and welcome to another visit from the Otherworld.  It’s been just over a week since our last visit elsewhere, but we’re lucky enough to have the work of an excellent storyteller up here on the site today.

Chaos (un)Controlled is a book filled with gorgeous prose.  The author, Tael, uses words like paint, and this debut novel is a lovely canvas.  If you’re given the opportunity, just read the preview on the book’s Amazon page, and you’ll be hooked.  It’s a sturdy tale, too, with enough content inside that you’ll enjoy the value.  At the same time, though, you’ll wish you were given more time inside the life of protagonist Rixa Storms, as the pages seem to fly by.

Self-contained Rixa Storms can’t wait to escape the pressures of her mother’s religious, controlling thumb. Fleeing to college seems to be her only escape route, until she stumbles upon an opportunity to learn a unique power in a world called University Heights. But this unexpected ‘freedom’ she thinks she’s achieved holds a murky truth below its polished surface, and Rixa uncovers oppressive secrets the school has kept buried for years. As real and surreal worlds collide, and the pressure reaches a dangerous boiling point, Rixa realizes she may need to reassess what is truly shackling her—or risk being consumed by her awakened abilities.

This debut from author Tael is incredible, and well worth your time. If you’re familiar with Lev Grossman’s the Magicians (either from the books or the television show), you’ll likely enjoy Tael’s take on a world just out of reach of our own.  The author is a huge pop culture appreciator as well, and it blends well into her writing.  If you pick up Chaos (un)Controlled, you won’t be disappointed.  Why not check it out on Amazon today?

Interview with Anderson Atlas

It seems like we get an awesome opportunity to interview an up-and-coming author every third of a year or so.  It’s a long wait between specials, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Today, we have Anderson Atlas, and you may have seen us promote some of his work in the past few weeks.  His work on the Heroes of Distant Planets series is worthy of praise, and he’s got more work on the way.

Read our interview below:


T: The books in your Heroes of Distant Planets series have very fantasy “Kid in King Arthur’s Court” feels to them.  What made you decide to bring young adults from Earth to these hard-pressed worlds?

Anderson Atlas: The worlds in front of kids are exceedingly mystical. My step son loved the mythology of the Lego Bionical world, knew what the races were—the archetypes. I want to speak to those kids, too—but offer up some profound advice cloaked among the tentacled creatures and the adrenaline of running for your life. It creates the unusual space, which battles the known elements for attention and (speaking from personal experience) creates a lasting impression.


T: What inspired you to start you on your writing journey?

AA: I really wanted to take a paraplegic character and get them across the strangest, most dangerous landscape and get them home again. It was an exercise in creativity as well as a method of showing my evolving character’s growth and strength.


T: What made you want to write about a paraplegic character?

AA: Simply because it was a challenge. I also have a client that is married to a paraplegic and he helped me learn so much about how to get Allan around without his chair. He’s also the most enthusiastic guy, the most positive and one of the funniest people I know. So I wanted to explore the thought process that many go through when they’re seeking strength and purpose in life when such afflictions take over. I also really hope that this story finds itself in the hands of a young person, paraplegic or disabled, because he’s a great hero and there’s not many like him in the popular culture.


T: What made you decide to create a distant world with such distinct creatures?

AA: I really just wanted to stretch my imagination to the limit. It was as fun for me as a writer as it is for the reader.



T: This isn’t the first time you’ve worked with the world of Lan Darr.  Would you say that it’s your favorite fantasy world to play in?

AA: Yes, because it has been brought out of the primitive space it held by communication with Earth. So in a sense, there is much Lan Darr can learn from Earth, as Earth can learn from Lan Darr.


T: With the aforementioned in mind, do you think Lan Darr is a place we’ll continue to visit?

AA: Oh, yes. In Book 2: Return to Lan Darr, Allan Westerfield becomes obsessed with returning there. The problem is, he can’t find the flower that allowed him to travel across the galaxy so effortlessly. His race to go back becomes his fixation and he gets really lost along the way.


T: If a reader wanted to pick up Immortal Shadow, would they have to read the previous two books to understand what was going on?

AA: No. Immortal Shadow is a prequel. It tells the story of the ultimate evil on planet Lan Darr and how he came to be his freaky self.



T: Jibbawk is an interesting character, not just because of the way he looks, but because of his rise.  What made you decide to write a story from the villain’s point of view?

AA: In book 1, Allan is so scared of Jibbawk, because he’s freaky and intense and, well, made of black, pinching beetles. I really wanted to share the story about how he came to be such a dark thing. He wasn’t always a swarm of insects. He became that way. But I also wanted to tell the story of how Lan Darrians learned English, had electricity and familiar things. So it was very natural to dive into the rise of Lan Darr, which meant telling the rise of Jibbawk.



T: Are there any plans to explore some of the bigger characters from the other planets you’ve worked on as well?  Jibbawk has gotten the star treatment, but are you going to give a focus to any of your other shadic habitants?

AA: In book 4, I explore the female heroine’s storyline in the next prequel of the series. This will shed the light on how Asantia constructs her epic airship, escapes from her slave master and ultimately how she becomes the hardened woman Allan meets in Book 1- Strange Lands.


T: Do you have any other distant planets to explore, or is Lan Darr the focus for now?

AA: Book 2 goes further out. There’s Katonay- a very strange place full of Victorian like elites and an oppressed minority. It is the hub of Hubu related trade. There’s also Plethiomia. That planet had electrical storms that feed these enormous beasts and a surface entirely made up of crystals, gems and diamonds! It gets really fun!


T: You have a handful of other projects that you work on as well, across a few different genres.  Would you like to talk about any of them?

AA: I’ve written an Apocalyptic adult sci-fi called Fools’ Apocalypse. This was really a personal exploration into political extremism with disastrous consequences. In many ways, my Lan Darr is that society that is at a crossroads in technology, the same as in Fools’ Apocalypse. Dare to go the wrong way in both worlds? Then the mantle will crack and the fire that consumes all will be most complete. Find the right way, and things might just have a happy ending.



T: The Heroes of Distant Planets books have more of a sci-fi feel to them than traditional fantasy.  Any interest in seeing what you could do with a more medieval-type setting?

 AA: The blend of Sci-Fi and fantasy has always been my favorite and there is a blurring of those lines in my series. I’ve kept this setting in book 1 Earth modern to steampunk, book 2 is Earth modern to primitive to Victorian and book 3 is Bronze age kicked into Steam Punk. It really spans the gamut, but no real medieval. NOW I should mention my next book series, Ammonite King. That is epic as well. Its setting is Far Future, Modern and Medieval. So that one is a much bigger story with enormous battles and swords and dragons and other strange creatures. Sign up for my readers group and learn all about it.


T: Do you offer any opportunities for people to beta-read?  If someone wanted to be on your street team, for instance, how would they go about trying to do that?

AA: Yes, I’m always looking for beta readers. Simply email me contact@synesthesiabooks.com and let me know you’d like to sign up for the beta readers group and I’ll send you the hot-off-the-press beta copy of my next book.


T: Your second and third books in the Heroes of Distant Planets series came out fairly close together (though this might just be the publication dates on Amazon messing with perception).  Is it safe to say you’ve got another book on the not-so-distant horizon?

AA: The first book was retitled by the marketing director with Synesthesia Books. The name was Surviving the Improbable Quest. You can see how that flew—or didn’t fly—and it ended up a pile of rubble in the jungle of other much-better-titled books. J



T: Immortal Shadow introduces a new human protagonist in Ricky Boldary.  Do you think Ricky is the new face of the human hero in your books, are might we see Allan Westerfield again?

AA: In book 4 Old Ricky and Allan come face to face. There’s also an origin story to Asantia- the bad ass girl that saves Allan in Book 1. So, yes, Ricky will have a continuing role and so will Allan.


T: Tell us we don’t have to wait long for this new material!

AA: Well, I do have a dayjob, but I’m writing it now. So in the fall, book 4 will be ready for pre-review.


T: Are there any authors that you particularly enjoy, emulate or find insight from?

AA: Well, Brandon Sanderson’s Way of Kings is world building at the finest and really inspired me. I also read Patrick Rothfus’s Name of the Wind. But I’m a huge fan of Dune, Neil Stephenson’s Snow Crash, and Margaret Attwood and Douglas Adams.


T: You offer books for free to those who join your reader groups, don’t you? Care to tell our readers where they can go to sign up for your work?

AA: Absolutely. My goal is to find readers, introduce them to the series and to my art and hopefully make a community that follows me through my carreer. So if anyone signs up for my readers group, they’ll get the Book 1: Strange Lands, FREE. All I ask is that they post a review on Amazon, Goodreads or wherever and that they share it with a friend.

If anyone is interested sign up for my readers group at http://andersonatlas.com/newsletter



T: Thank you so much for joining us.  It’s been a real pleasure, and we wish you luck on your future writing endeavors.  Can’t wait to read more from your catalog!

AA: Thank you very much! I really appreciate your newsletter and your time. If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. contact@synesthesiabooks.com


Thank you once again to Anderson Atlas for sparing some time to chat with us today.  We wish him the best on the rest of his books!

Check out Immortal Shadow on Amazon today!

Fantasy Promo – Immortal Shadow

Welcome, folks, to another trip to the Otherworld.  We’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few places already since the beginning of the year, and I can happily say that a handful of them have been to worlds we’ve seen before, with stories written by incredible talespinners.  We have such an opportunity again, today.

The world of Lan Darr calls again, and we are prepared to return.  If you’ll recall, we did a piece on the wonderful otherworldly fantasy of author Anderson Atlas a few months back.  We enjoyed it so much that we’re giving it another bump.  After all, Immortal Shadow is worthy of your attention, and after reading it, you’ll be itching for your next trip back to Lan Darr—and any other worlds Atlas creates.


Jibbawk rises to dominate the planet Lan Darr. He rules with an iron fist and without mercy, building his empire larger and faster than all other Shadic planets. But it isn’t enough. He dreams of becoming one of the fabled Immortal Rulers, no matter the cost. Only when resistance comes from the least likeliest place, a teenager from Earth, does he see his authority challenged.

And the rebels came by the least expected route.

Read this story through the eyes of Jibbawk, but be warned. It is not for the faint of heart, for the Shadics are friends of the darkest shadows.

While Immortal Shadow is a bit of a darker tale,  it’s plenty of fun. Atlas has some serious writing chops, and he’s a prolific storyteller. As time moves forward, you’re going to see the volume of his books expand to an even more sizable collection than what it is now. Check out Immortal Shadow on Amazon today to get started, and say you read Atlas back when he was just revving his engine!

If you’re so inclined to follow the author on his social media accounts, you can find him on Facebook, here, and on Twitter, here.

And here’s a lovely little bonus: keep your eyes open here when we drop an awesome interview with the author tomorrow!  It’s sure to be great fun, and it’ll give you some insight to one of your new favorite writers!

Fantasy Promo – The False Prophet

Welcome once again to the Otherworld, folks.  We here at Tellest are blessed enough to work with some of the greatest authors in the business.  You might not know all their names yet, but they’re working on carving them in stones, and they’ll be remembered.

We remember working with Harry James Fox.  Almost a year ago, we had the privilege of promoting his work on an amazing dystopian novel, and we could not be more excited to go back to his world for another visit with The False Prophet.

This is the sequel to the award-winning Christian fantasy novel, The Stonegate Sword. All the major characters return: Donald, Rachel, Carla, and Philip. But the novel stands on its own, and it is not necessary to have read the first book in the series.

Beautiful prose is present throughout the book, and though it takes place in a future version of North America, Fox makes the world his own.  He hits all the creative notes you want in a story.  This award-winning author will have you turning the pages faster and faster, ever excited to see what happens next.

The world of the future looks like the medieval past as the rugged Rocky Mountains of Colorado and New Mexico now have walled cities and firearms are only a distantly-remembered past. Ore are they? The False Prophet is on the path of conquest and he has rediscovered the art of making cannons strong enough to destroy the strongest walls. One target of his hate is a lore-man named Donald of Fisher, who has been forced to lay down his pen and pick up a sword.

Faced with a mighty army marching east, Donald must rally the scattered defenders to resist the False Prophet and his plan to enslave the last outposts of freedom. To do so, he must overcome his own struggles of faith, demons of self-doubt, bands of assassins, and a traitor within his own camp. Can he succeed, against all odds, and still win the hand of the woman that he loves?

Stonegate remains the key, and Donald returns to that great walled city and his beloved Rachel just as the hosts of enemy are also closing in. Part adventure, part love story, this epic saga covers the vast panorama of New Mexico deserts and Colorado Rockies in a possible future that looks very much like the medieval past. But duty, love, courage, and honor remain and are even more important than ever.

I’m always excited when I have the opportunity to work with one of my fellow authors once more.  This is an awesome occasion, though. Last year, my only disappointment with The  Stonegate Sword was that it didn’t have a sequel, and now that The False Prophet is out, I am beyond words.  This is a fantasy series that you definitely do not want to miss.  I recommend you drop whatever you’re doing and pick the book up on Amazon today!

Fantasy Promo – Fariidinus Book 2: Sisters of the Blood

Welcome back to the Otherworld folks.  Whether you’re interested in far-off worlds, or the places that surround us, we bring you amazing stories and the talespinners that craft them.

Today, we’re happy to bring you back one more time to the hidden world of the Heartland here on Earth.  It’s here that fairies roam and do battle to protect their way of life, all beyond the veil of what we can see.

Sisters of the Blood is the continuation of the Fariidinus series, written by L.E.Parr.  Where Wings of the Exile saw the heroine of this series finding the strength and confidence to return to the Heartland, this book finds her turning herself into a powerful weapon to use against the evil Highmother.

Kirin and Stone have returned to the Heartland where she has been given sanctuary by the wyrMaster in the Red Valley. Her unprecedented return from exile has polarized the great Houses and enraged the evil HighMother. A divided Heartland quickly becomes embroiled in a fiery civil war with Stone leading the combined armies with their new ally–the winged telepathic bloodcats. Kirin becomes the deadly weapon she was resurrected from exile to be.

We’re so thrilled to be able to talk about another one of Parr’s books.  Fariidinus is a wonderful series, and the second book is just as enjoyable as the first.  If you’re in the market for a series that puts a focus on just how deadly something beautiful can be, the Fariidinus books won’t steer you wrong.  Check out Sisters of the Blood on Amazon now!

Also, don’t forget to take a look at our promo for the preceding book. We called Wings of the Exile a debut release that introduces you to a world the author is passionate about—and you’ll end up loving in no time.

Finally, if you want to see just how prolific Parr is at her writing, you can take a jump over to her website where you can see all the released and upcoming books she’s been working on.  Let’s hear it for this hard-working storyteller!

Fantasy Promo – The Queen’s Reflection

We are racing through promotions like nobody’s business this year, and I’m loving every second of it.  We’re meeting some awesome new people, getting incredible opportunities to work with old friends, and it has been such a privilege.

Our latest stop to the Otherworld has us visiting with Terry Heath, who writes the Ballad of the White Dragons series of novellas.  His debut, The Queen’s Reflection, released recently, and I’m excited for what he brings to the table.  Well spoken and even better humored, this “goatherd” from Washington has a way with words that has me ready to sign up for all the novellas before they’ve released.  Check out what he brings to the table, below:

As attacks from dragon riders loomed on the horizon, Queen Hesperus knew she would kill her husband the king—but to get away with it could be another matter. When a stable boy overhears her plan, he must overcome the fear of his own past to stop the assassination or leave the queen to learn the things we desire may not turn out as expected.

As mentioned before, Heath is very verbose and insightful.  While the first book in his series has not yet released, you can get a good idea of his skills as a writer on his blog.

Of course, you can start off with The Queen’s Reflection.  It just released yeterday, and there’s no better time than now to  pick it up from Amazon.  It’s absolutely free through the weekend!

We hope to have great things to talk about regarding Heath and his books over the next weeks, months and years.  Best of luck to him!

Fantasy Promo – Fariidinus Book I: Wings of the Exile

One of the coolest things we have going for us here at Tellest is an opportunity to network with some other awesome authors.  Just a few weeks ago, we had the privilege of promoting L.E.Parr’s book, and it went so well, we’re doing it again!

The first book in the Fariidinus series is Wings of the Exile.  A wingless fairy, named Kirin, has been banished to the mortal world.  But the fairy realm still has need of her.  These aren’t your grandma’s fairies though.  They’re as tough as they are gorgeous, and you do not want to get on their bad side.

A heart broken exile will do just about anything to have her wings restored including returning to her homeland to start a war.

Kirin, a young fariidinus fey, is judged and condemned to the knife. After her wings are removed, she is exiled to the mainland where she is rescued by Stone, a young man who is part of a group of Heartland expatriates. The expatriates have long had a plan to restore the wings of a fariidinus with the right gifts in order to send her back into the Heartland as a weapon against the evil Highmother, Letal. Kirin is bitter and angry and not sure she wants to be part of the plan until Letal brings her war to the mainland and there is no other choice but to fight back.

Parr has done an excellent job with this Amazon debut release. Wings of the Exile introduces you to a world that the author is passionate about, and you’ll end up loving in no time.  Best of all, there are three books that follow up on the adventure, and more to come around the corner.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Why don’t you go ahead and check out the first book on Amazon today?

Sci-Fi Promo – Black Ocean, Mission Pack 1

We’re starting off 2017’s Otherworld stops with a bang, as we revisit with J.S. Morin’s Black Ocean series.  We’ve worked to bring you news of great deals from Morin’s extensive set of sci-fi books, and we’re so excited to bring you word of another great sale!

The Black Ocean series is as close as you can get to a mashup of Firefly and awesome fantasy.  It’s driving force is the characters, which you’ll grow to adore.  The crew of the Mobius—and the people they meet up with—will stick with you long after you’ve raced through your first read of each of the stories.  And you will rip through these before you realize it!

Science to build a starship. Wizardry to take it past light speed. A crew to give it a soul.

The Mobius is a cobbled-together ship with a matching crew. Captain Carl Ramsey is an ex-Earth Navy pilot whose crew won’t let him fly his own ship. The pilot is his ex-wife, the mechanic is a drunk, and the chief of security is from a predatory species. Instead of a star-drive to travel through the astral space between worlds, the ship’s wizard does it by hand.

Mission 1: Salvage Trouble
A salvage mission turns into a rescue, and no good deed goes unpunished. With two refugees onboard, the Mobius crew is hounded by bounty hunters, border partols, and corporate enforcers.

Mission 2: A Smuggler’s Conscience
“Don’t open the package.” It’s the smuggler’s credo for good reason. When the Mobius crew takes a peek at their illicit cargo, the entire job takes an about-face.

Mission 3: Poets and Piracy
The Mobius crew gets caught in a turf war between a pirate fleet and a galactic criminal syndicate. The trick is getting everyone out alive (and maybe getting paid in the process).

Mission 4: To Err is Azrin
Sometimes you can’t go home again. When a job takes the crew to their security chief’s homeworld, she gets dragged into a familial power struggle. Can the rest of the crew bail her out of an old feud gone horribly wrong?

Bonus Short Story: Guardian of the Plundered Tomes
Mordecai The Brown has been on the run from the Convocation for decades. How does a respectable wizard with a wife and two kids end up crisscrossing the galaxy in the company of outlaws?

This Mission Pack is a wonderful selection of Morin’s stories from the Black Ocean series.  Morin is as prolific as they come, having written a score of books, with more on the way.  If you want to meet a new favorite author, look no further than this.  There’s no better time than now for you to get these four stories either, as the author has dropped the price to 99 cents for a limited time.  Pick it up on Amazon today!

Bonus: you can sweep up the first book in the Black Ocean series for free from Morin’s website.  And since you’ll no doubt love that, pick up the following three books as well, at a very respectable price!