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Quantum Quest Sample Cards

Hey folks.  In case you haven’t heard, we’ve got a Kickstarter going on right now!  With just a few days left to go, we thought we could do a sort of feature on the game right here.  Specifically, I’d love to show you my absolute favorite cards!


Our adventurers are probably the most important part of the game, visually.  They’re what really gets the old nostalgia muscles going, so we made sure to have some very attractive heroes across to board.

Click on the gallery below to see the cards up close!

Here’s an example of one of our adventurers that has a little more pizzazz to them:

Cravat can be a real game changer if you end up with a sturdy set of heroes!



On the other side of the spectrum, chambers are the mechanically important part of the game.  They’re the damage dealers, and what you use to spite your opponents!

And just like above, here’s one of my favorite chambers:

If you’re playing the game with more than two players, when you lose, you haunt the rooms you own.  Haunted rooms end up dealing double damage, so something like Chain Lightning can wipe out an entire party in the late game.


If this game looks like the kind of fun you’d be into, feel free to check out our Kickstarter.  We’re running it now until the end of the month, and any extra funds we’re able to make allows us to hit stretch goals and offer up an even better product.  Thanks!


Well, it’s here again.  Another November.  Also known as the craziest month of the year.  I’ve run Kickstarters in November before, and I’ve done NaNoWriMo on two different occasions.

This year, I’m doing both—at the same time.

Truth be told, this year, I’m trying to see if I can reach three goals by the end of the month.  It’s going to be insane.  It’s going to be intense.

For the Kickstarter, we need to raise $15,000 in order to secure the minimum order from our manufacturer.  It’d be even better if we managed to pull off more than that, because I have so many cool things lined up that I’d love to see if we could hit.

In case you haven’t seen all the KS links plastered all over the site, here’s another one.


On the NaNoWriMo side of things, I’m also still working on Quantum Quest.  This year’s book is going to focus on a novelization for the upcoming game, and we’re including some pretty cool things from the Tellest universe.  One of them is a hero who wasn’t on the front cover of the game box.  When you’re thinking of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff, I know who you’re thinking of.  That’s right.  Rhys Oberon.

That was who you were thinking of.  Right?

Rhys has only had one small starring role so far.  He was the character who set a lot of time traveling shenanigans in motion in Keeper of the Void.  But he’s a huge character in the grand tapestry of Tellest.  I haven’t had a chance to write a follow-up story for him, but I’m definitely going to make attempts to get at least one more short out for him before QQ and its novelization release.

And even if you haven’t realized it, he’s had his hand involved in some of the other events in the Tellest books so far.

For the Quantum Quest book, I need to complete 50,000 words in 30 days.  I’ve pulled it off before, but never with so much else riding on my shoulders.  With two big convention weekends this month, it’s going to be interesting to see if I can pull it off.

I should probably abstain from writing big ol’ blog posts, huh?

Finally, this last goal is more for myself than for my creative passions.  I’m a little too old to be as pudgy as I am.  Rhianna and I found a lifestyle change that’s been working out for us pretty well.  I’d love to drop another 10 lbs by the end of the month.  So that’s it.  The third goal is a little bit of weight loss.

The conventions are certainly not going to help with that.

So that’s it for now, but I’m going to be a little bit more vocal on this site as the Kickstarter and NaNoWriMo go on.  You can actually see a sneak peek of the QQ novelization if you head over to the campaign page.  I think you’ll like what you read!



Tellest Kickstarter is Live

Hey there folks.  Just wanted to let you know our newest Kickstarter is live.  We’ll be running this crazy campaign until September 15th, and we’ve got a bunch of awesome content and deals you wouldn’t believe ready for you:

Twitter and FB banner (2)

We’re already doing pretty well, and it’s only been up for a little over an hour on a Monday morning.  It’ll be very exciting once everyone has got their morning coffee in them!

Tellest Kickstarter, 2016

Hey there folks.  I’m so glad you could join us here today.  I don’t think I’ve ever had such good news to share, and I’m hoping that it only gets bigger and better as the month goes on.  We’re officially unveiling to the public that we are going to be conducting a new Kickstarter that will begin on August 15th and run for a month.  Our newsletter readers have known about this for a while, but you’re finally in on the scoop.


Tellest Legends: Kickstarter 2016


Tellest Legends

So, what exactly are we Kickstarting? In 2014, you helped us bring to life a collection of novellas that featured ancillary characters.  This brought them to the forefront and gave them a chance to shine like never before.  Since that Kickstarter, those characters and their stories have earned a lot of praise. It seemed like a waste to move away from that.  And so, on August 15th, we’re asking you to help us bring five more stories to life—sequels to the stories we created two years ago.  These characters are more than just heroes now—they’re legends.

But wait… there’s more!  In 2014, we were finding our feet, and a big part of the stretch goals you helped us achieve gave us some great supplemental material.  The plan for this year is to stretch into even more books.  That’s what we’re here for.  We want to give you great stories.  So for every $500 we raise past our initial goal, we’re ready to launch another book.  And you might be surprised to see how many we have.


A Special Deal

There’s never been a better time to be a Tellest newsletter subscriber.  Not only have they been privy to a preview of the Kickstarter for a few weeks, but they’ve also had a little extra time to partake in a great deal.

All the newsletter subscribers were given an opportunity to commit to being an early backer. That let’s us know what we’re tracking to open at, and shows us how much more we can afford to invest into our campaign.

The best news?  You can take part in this awesome deal too.  All you have to do is subscribe to the Tellest Newsletter before Monday, when another email blast will go out with the early backer submission form (and a preview of our campaign).  All you have to do is tell us you’re with us by Wednesday of next week.

Then, when our Kickstarter goes live, if you pledge at least $10 you’ll be given an extra copy of the Tales of Tellest ebooks—our big project from 2014—absolutely free. We figure, if you haven’t yet joined us, this gives you an excellent base to build off of. And if you’ve already been a fan for a while, you can indicate a friend or family member who you would like to share these fantasy tales with.


There really hasn’t ever been a better time to join the ranks and be a fan of Tellest.  With at least five more books on the horizon, our bookshelves are going to be plenty packed in upcoming months. We look forward to bringing you great new content for years to come!

State of Tellest, September 2015

Hello folks!  It’s been four months since we last talked about the future and what’s being planned for the months to come here at Tellest.  It’s the perfect time, right before a busy Fall schedule to really get into the thick of it.


Tellest Art

Alright, this is a tricky one.  We told you back in May that things weren’t looking good, but we’ve actually been doing pretty well.  The Tellest Patreon has a few more patrons,  and we’ve been able to continue some collaborations with some of our favorite artists. With luck, as of right now, our current setup will carry us through the end of January—though you will see the curtain drawn back on one of our other projects.


Our Other Projects

So, over the course of the next several weeks (probably starting around the middle of November, really), you’ll start to see these other projects taking place.  They’re smaller pieces to the bigger puzzle that is Tellest, but I think they’ll add to the overall tapestry, and make it a lot more cohesive and fun to venture to.  It’ll be the first step in a few new directions for the universe, and I hope it appeals to a whole heck of people.  In any case, stay tuned for that.


Kickstarter and Tales of Tellest

We’re at the point now where we are just about done with our commitment to the fine folks that backed us on Kickstarter so very long ago.  I’m still hopeful that I’ll be able to get everything out this year, hopefully by Christmas, but we’re still wrapping up the last three stories:

Touched‘s first draft is complete, but I have it in the hands of an expert right now who is working on verbiage and dialogue that would be suitable for this particular story, which happens to deal with someone who is on the autism spectrum.  I want it to be tasteful and entertaining, and this professional is doing me a huge favor by lending her hand to the world.

Midwinter Requiem is Rhianna’s first big writing dabble in the world of Tellest.  She’s telling the story of a dwarven people who have been mentioned before in the series, the Coldwhistle clan.  She’s nearly complete with her draft, and then we’ve decided that I’m going to take it and throw my own touch on it before sitting on it for a week or two, finishing it up and then sending it to our editor.

Finally, we have Keeper of the Void, a kind of cohesive set of bookends that loosely ties all of the stories we told during these last two years together.  It deals largely with time and space, and we’re working this into one of those side projects we talked about earlier. I just finished this story this morning, so it needs to be typed up and edited before it’s good to go.

I’m really hopeful that these stories will be ready to go out before the end of the year.  With luck, about 98% of our Kickstarter backers will receive their rewards—we have one big holdout, being the audiobook version of The Fall.


The Future of Tellest

Those few months ago, I told you that the plan for the future of Tellest was to continue with both the novellas and the feature length novels that follow the huge ensemble that we have in place. I’m happy to say that everything is going according to plan.

The first feature length novel was a slow burn to start—I was starting with some fresh characters for a prologue—but now we’re roaring forward since we’ve stepped back into familiar territory.  I’m going to try to keep these books to a reasonable length, as well.  The Enemy Within was over 800 pages before we culled it down, and even in its finished form, I think it’s a bit much.  Not to mention, there was a lot of time invested in that story, and in that time, a lot of attention disappeared from the first two books, which had already been released on Amazon.  As of now, the plan is still to do about five books in this “series,” but I’m going to play it by ear as best I can.

As for the novellas, and what I’d probably end up calling Tales of Tellest, volume two, they haven’t had their “official” start just yet, but they’re coming together a lot more decisively.  I have a whole rainbow of notebooks in my desk that are just waiting to be scribbled in, but the notes are taking shape on my computer.  I know where the characters are going, I have some rough ideas of what the titles will be, and I know the breadth of this second volume of stories (hint: there’ll be more than five novellas this time around).

With luck, since I’m picking up the pace again, we’ll be able to really put pencil to paper on these stories relatively quickly.  It’s easy to get discouraged, but I’m thinking positive again.  The stories should flow fairly well since they’re familiar, and I’ve been getting some really good vibes about the direction I’m taking.


The Tellest Community and the Mageborn Audiobook Contest

I’d also just like to say how happy I am that the Tellest community is growing so well.  In the last several days, the amount of newsletter subscribers went up quicker than I could have imagined.  I’d like to welcome all the new fans—I hope we give you a lot of entertainment for years to come!

Finally, there’s the matter of the Mageborn Audiobook giveaway.  I just wanted everyone to know that the winners have been chosen. We sent out messages to those who did win.  If you didn’t get a message, don’t be discouraged—we’re going to try to hold these contests about once a month.  There’s plenty of cool swag to go around!


That’ll about do it for this State of Tellest, but as you can see, things are really beginning to come together.  Keep an eye on us and be prepared for some awesome new things to happen here at Tellest!

Tellest Patreon

Did you know that Tellest is on Patreon?

Chances are, you don’t even know what Patreon is.  It’s kind of like an internet tip jar.  If there’s an artist, or a musician, or maybe a novelist that you like, you have the opportunity to follow them on Patreon, and if you really like them, you can pledge to them so that they can grow their particular brand a little bigger.  A lot of times, this gives you access to content especially catered just to you.

For Tellest, what I like to do is treat my Patreon project like a monthly magazine.  Every weekday, I try to get a new piece of art from the world of Tellest up on the internet.  It’s a nice way to go behind the scenes, and it lets people see the art before it is scheduled here on the site – something I can only do once per week. At this point, we’re more than three months ahead of schedule on the Patreon page, and that’s a cool way to give back to the people who are interested in Tellest.

Patreon Post

The nice thing is that you get to make the call.  Do you drop in a penny a month?  A quarter?  A dollar?  More?

Each level gives you some more access, whether it’s seeing the art much sooner, reading the margins of the books that I’m writing (which gives you some idea of how my mind works), or even getting the chapters and sections of novellas and short stories much earlier than the rest of the readers.

Patreon Milestones

Best of all, when you pledge to become a patron, you’re helping to expand the world of Tellest (or enhancing any of the other projects on Patreon).  You’re helping us fund more art, or find new writers to push past the borders of the established lands.

Patreon Rewards

If you’ve followed Tellest for a while, and you like what we do, consider checking out the Patreon page.  Even if you don’t want to pledge, or don’t have the money to, we try to make some of the content available free of charge, just to help strengthen our community.  We’d love for you to be a part of it!

What Could Have Been – Kickstarter 201

A lot of you might not know this, because this site wasn’t nearly as large as it is back in January of 2013, but our successful Kickstarter this year wasn’t actually our first Kickstarter.  You see, we tried to run a campaign for the third book in the Child of the Stars trilogy, The Enemy Within.  It was very touch and go, because the book is so large, and required a lot of editing, which is why one book was gunning for such a huge campaign goal.

Needless to say, the campaign stalled – and for good reason.  I don’t think I managed it right, and I think toward the end, I was actually glad that we didn’t meet our goal.

That said though, I think there are some things that we really missed out on because of that.  I’ve always been a big fan of retro games – stuff from the 80’s and 90’s, as you can see from the development we’ve put forth on Heart of the Forest.  So one of the things I was really excited to do was release some 8-bit button pins that you could clip to your bag, or a mirror cozy, something that was just quirky.  I actually had our whole A-list lineup of heroes.  Here’s just a couple of them:

8-bit Kaos version 58-bit Steel Tip version 48-bit Dirk version 2


Obviously they feel like Megaman.  But I think they turned out really well, especially Dirk.  What do you think?

The Tellest 2014 Kickstarter is Live!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, longtime fans and newcomers!  I am pleased to announce to you that our Kickstarter for 2014 is now live, and we are accepting pledges.

We address it on the Kickstarter page and in the video, but I wanted to quickly note what we’re doing this for, why, and what you get for pledging toward this ambitious project.

Tellest is growing at a rapid pace, and to keep up with that tempo, we’re asking fans of fantasy to support us in that growth.  The flagship for 2014 is the release of the Tales of Tellest, a quintet of stories that goes into some established characters’ backgrounds.  Your pledges will help to provide high quality cover artwork for those stories, as well as cleaning up the original trilogy.  We’d also like to try to bring other writers under our banner, so throughout the year we’ll be hosting writing contests with prizes, and forge new alliance with other fantasy storytellers.

We’ve got plenty of cool rewards to pledge for, including copies of the books in eBook or paperback format, digital prints of the artwork, dedicated audiobook narrations and collaborations with me that will result in your very own Tellest character.  Anyone who pledges even a dollar will also gain access to the weekly serialized fiction a week early, too.

If we happen to do well, we’ve got other ideas to spice things up.  We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, though, so just keep your eyes peeled for plenty of updates over the next month.  Just because the Kickstarter is live, that doesn’t mean that we’ll relax and wait to see how things turn out.  We’ve got plenty of work to do, and we’d love to see you happy!

Thank you so much for your patronage!

A Big Week

Hello fans of fantasy.  This is a big week for us here at Tellest, because we’re moving forward with two very interesting campaigns.

First up, tomorrow we’re going to begin posting serialized content on our website.  Mageborn is going to run for eight weeks, and then it will release on Amazon kindle, if you’d like to help support this kind of release style.  The stories will also be releasing on Wattpad with a one week stagger – Tellest.com will still be the place to go first if you’re looking for our stories when they release.

The other big news is that we’re going to be releasing a Kickstarter alongside the start of this serialized fiction movement.  We’re offering some very nice, personalized rewards, and you can help to bring the Tellest stories to everyone to boot.  If the Kickstarter performs well, we’ve got some gears in motion behind the scenes that will allow us to reveal some interesting collaborations more quickly than we had anticipated.

It will be a busy week, and likely an even busier month, but I’m happy to be bringing new stories to you, and a new way to see Tellest.

As always, thank you so much for your interest.  Hope everyone’s New Year is starting off great!