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Fantasy Book Promo – The Fallen

Hello again all my friends and fans of the fantasy genre.  We’re getting into the summer months, and that means that you’ve got to be on the lookout for some great new reading.  A suggestion, if you’re into epic fantasy with a dash of romance: the Daoine Maithe trilogy (soon to be a quartet) by Dan O’Sullivan.

Almost a fairytale with an epic twist, the series is known for its gripping plot, twists and turns, and of course, O’Sullivan’s fearlessness as a writer.  She deftly weaves danger and intrigue into her prose, and the story progresses with real consequences.

Her trilogy is a fast moving, action packed series of fantasy adventure novels based around a legendary, mythical people and their dangerous fallen kindred. Equal parts adventure, well-plotted romance, thrills and fantasy with a foot in mythology, the world draws readers in and keeps them engaged in the characters and the cliff hangers they face as the stories accelerate.


Unable to prevent the abduction of his fiancée Elena and her sisters, Kelian son of the King of Alkira, defies his father and accompanies elite soldiers in pursuit of Nandul of Tarl, dangerous leader of the treacherous and vengeful people known as fallen. Though once guardians known as Daoine Maithe, the fallen no longer possess the gifts or power of their guardian kin, having forsaken these abilities to obtain their freedom. Obsessed with regaining lost gifts, Nandul seeks to make a child with one of the guardians. Elena’s sister Louisa becomes the target of his obsession.

The most dangerous of fallen warriors, Milgorry of Tarl is unable to bear watching the captives as they suffer hunger and abuse. Deeply in love with Louisa, he contrives their escape but they are recaptured and taken to the village of Weema in Nyinaku.

Kelian and two gifted guardians, Timbul and Araas, pass the burning sands of Sheldon’s Quest and head for Weema in search of the captives. He is pursued relentlessly as he treks over the Ice Mountains facing overwhelming obstacles in his attempt to reach his goal.

The first fantasy book of the Daoine Maithe fantasy trilogy, a fantasy science fiction adventure series sure to be a best seller.


O’Sullivan’s first novel, The Fallen, has it all: fantasy, adventure, love, excitement and great characters. The second book in the series The Guardians is a brilliant read as the captivating tale continues. Readers describe book three, Child of a Guardian and of the Free as gripping and commented that it was “hard to put down”.

Australian author Dan (Danielle) O’Sullivan, creator of the epic fantasy adventure trilogy, is currently working on book 4 of the series. O’Sullivan’s work is published and available for kindle, as e-books on Amazon (book one can be found here), and as Create Space paperbacks through Amazon.

You can visit Dan O’Sullivan at www.osullidan.com.


Fantasy Book Promo – Not Where I Wanna Be

Every once and a while, you get a curious opportunity to experience a new story.  When you first happen upon it, it might not seem real – is it satire?  There’s no way that the author could possibly be so exuberant in their expression.  But that’s just what you get from Sarantos, a singer-songwriter from Chicago who determined that he wanted to work on a companion novel for his music, something that he is more passionate about than most people are about anything.  Not Where I Wanna Be is filled with emotion – most of it wholesome and beautiful.  And while it is atypical throughout, it clings deftly to that old cliche not to judge a book by its cover.


This is the story of Sarantos’ fantastic journey. Come along for this unusual adventure and prepare to be surprised at every turn.




In this fiction/fantasy book, Sarantos is a young human male born on Earth, but currently residing in the home of Wallis on the world of Yarrowtopia. He is 30 years old with dark curly hair and a sensitive nature. He writes lyrics and plays guitar. He is being taught by Wallis on the skills of using magic, which he converts into lyrics and sings his spells like a bard of old. He started a band in this new land. He is in love with Leigh and is best friends with Brad. He has traveled from where he didn’t want to be to where he wants to be via a message from a dream. Mika, rescued him and brought him to a world where he found his one true love, Leigh. He loves singing and enjoys his band while still appreciating the luxury of a shower on his new world, which he incorporated to work with the help of Wallis. Little did he ever realize the adventure of a lifetime that would unfold…


Sarantos is an absolutely prolific artist.  If you’re interested in following someone who refuses to let his fans down, you can find his website here.  He also has a YouTube channel that is updated on a 16regular basis.  And last but not least, arguably the reason you came here, the link to his book, here.


Fantasy Book Promo – Arcadis: Prophecy

Every once in a while, you turn up with something that is more than just a story.  It’s an idea that, even though it might be so simple, can have some pretty far-reaching concepts.

There was a brilliant book that came out in the 1800’s by the name of Flatland, and though it poked fun at certain questionable Victorian era ideals, its most enduring charm came from the concept that there were two dimensional beings that were suddenly coming into concept with three dimensional beings.  Hilarity ensued.

George Kramer’s story, Arcadis: Prophecy, strikes me with the same level of simple complexity.  At it’s focus, it is just so basic.  Colors represent different sorcerers, and at the top, primary colors rule.  As they dilute, and become secondary colors, the magic isn’t as pure either.  In a lot of ways, we’re talking fantasy reverse-eugenics here.

I’ll let the material speak for itself:



In the beginning of the sorcerer world there existed three primary colored powers red, blue, and yellow. Prior to Lord Quill’s ascension to head sorcerer, his predecessor ruled no one was allowed to marry outside of their respective color. Every sorcerer was a primary colored power.

When Lord Quill took control, he did not want anyone to usurp his authority. Thus he ruled no primary colored power may be allowed to marry another primary colored power. Hence a dilution occurred. When a blue colored power sorcerer married a yellow powered sorcerer, the baby was green powered and considered a secondary power. When a red colored powered sorcerer married a blue powered sorcerer, it created a purple secondary powered sorcerer and so on. Can the primaries and secondary’s get along or will there be a struggle between the two classes?


It’s an awesome concept, and the story’s gritty first-person account is definitely a breath of fresh air in a usually otherwise pristine genre.

Kramer has a lot of room for growth with his characters as well.  He seems to have a lot of confidence in himself and his work.  I want to know how to get me one of these:




If you’re interested in Kramer’s work, you can check out Arcadis: Prophecy on Amazon.  He’s got his work up in ebook format, and in paperback.  And for more from the man himself, here is his blog.