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Character Art – Dirk

Hey there folks!  It’s about time to ring in the New Year with some new art. We’re taking a look today at one of the awesome pieces that Hozure did for us.  This time, it’s of our favorite werewolf, Dirk.

We started a little different than usual with this one, because Hozure wanted to determine the concepts of the character, in addition to his pose.  So we had a couple of different options for how he would be presented.  We ultimately wanted him to have this kind of chivalrous feel, so we gave him a sword and shield combo.

After that, it was time to pick a pose.  As always, Hozure gave us a hard time picking our favorite.  Each of these options could have been cool, but I think we ended up going with the option he least expected.

Expectations aside, he crushed it, even from early on.  His presentation was so much different than the other works we’ve done.  It’s really impressive how dynamic of an artist he is!

Once he added the other objects and some textures, it looked even more impressive.  Over the years, Hozure has gained proficiency in shading and movement.  It’s really a feat to behold.

Finally we have the character on a background with some shadows beneath so we can really see what he looks like.  It is incredible what Hozure can do.  I’m just beyond impressed, really.

We can’t wait to show you more of the work that Hozure has done for us.  Stay tuned!

Art: Dirk, Werewolf Form

So, uh… it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.  Its been a little while, so if you haven’t read The Bindings of Fate, or As Darkness Falls, and this news creeps up on you, I apologize.

Dirk, our hero’s canine companion… he’s a werewolf.  I know, it’s shocking.  But no less so than the awesome job that our new artist, Luigiix did in capturing his appearance.

Dirk Sketch 1


As is usually the case, we started with a rough sketch.  You can see Dirk in his bipedal form, complete with his katana, Fenrir.

Dirk Sketch 2


After that, Luigiix put a more substantial look together.  The shading isn’t exactly there yet, but he’s in one piece, and looking more like a western werewolf than something out of an Egyptian setting.  After that, he put some finishing touches on him.

Dirk Final


Dirk has become a fan favorite, and it’s not exactly a surprise why. He’s strong, loyal and dependable, and he’s awesome to boot! Thanks to Luigiix for his awesome interpretation!



First Appearances to Kaos

When Kaos Kreegan and his sister were young, their mother brought them to the city of Viscosa to prepare for a celebration at Atalatha.  On the way there, the children noticed the presence of a wolf at their heels.  Still, the wolf shadowed the Kreegan family for the duration of their travel to the capital.  At some points, they even thought that he was playing with them.


Reconciliation with Kaos

Following his time in Fostervilla, Kaos returned to his childhood home, rebuilding it for the second time.  After some time spent there, he noticed that a wolf frequently spent time nearby.  Initially, he had planned on trapping and killing the animal, wary of the wolf’s fearlessness.  However, after some time reflecting on its behavior, Kaos determined that it was a simple curiousness.

Dirk was named as such because of the lighter patch of grey that appears on his forehead.  After that meeting with Kaos, the two were nearly inseparable.  Whenever Kaos needed to gather supplies, Dirk wouldn’t be far behind.

Eventually, when Kaos determined that dangers were still encroaching on his home and his country, he traveled north to meet with his old family friend, Stephen Caista.  Once there, he joined the Raleighn military.  However, with his personal knowledge and skills, Kaos worked better as an individual, and was permitted to serve with Dirk beside him.




After the War and Capture

After the fall of Ippius and Blacklehn, Kaos and his allies spent time rebuilding various hamlets and towns along Raleigh’s northern borders.  Dirk remained by his side during this time.

When Kaos returned home, Dirk traveled beside Steel Tip for a brief while.  However, during those travels, Dirk was captured by Atalathian poachers due to his size.  From there, he was brought into Atalatha, where he was intended to fight the reigning champion of the coliseum, Geylard the Great.

Art: Dirk

When I began pursuing artists for the Tellest series, I looked for styles that I really enjoyed.  We have Joman’s Kingdom Hearts-esque characters, Paul’s almost World of Warcraft-like concepts, and the gorgeous covers that Leo’s done.

For Dirk, I wanted something that was a little more to his style.  For that, I reached out to Amorpheus on DeviantArt.  He’s known for his anthropomorphic characters, and while it might seem a little odd to commission an artist who is known for his “furry” work, I thought he’d give Dirk his best shot.

We started off with some head shapes and orientations.


Dirk Pose 1
We felt that this one was a bit too big, and it had some color issues that didn’t strictly leave us feeling like that was Dirk.


Dirk Pose 2
This one was the perfect shape and size, but we still had some issues with color presentation. His fur is a lot lighter in the books.


So after we realized what we wanted him to look like, Amorpheus took things to the next step, and delivered us a version of Dirk that had a nice dynamic looking background, and of course a color scheme that really worked for the wolf we know and love.

Note the white marking on his forehead that almost look like it could be a dirk.



We plan on utilizing Amorpheus’ services again in the future.  He did a great job with this version of Dirk, and hey… there might be other versions we have to do of him too.




While in Fostervilla, Kaos Kreegan was part of a secretive group called the Syndicate.  They protected the city from evil, although they had some debatable tactics and means.  When Kaos proved to have a meteoric rise, the leader of the Syndicate awarded him with the katana, Fenrir, as a gift.


Though no one truly knows where Fenrir came from, it is believed that it was constructed by the gods.  The metal itself is of unknown specification, so those who have seen the blade have taken to calling it infindium.  This is primarily because the blade is lightweight, yet ultimately indestructible.


When Kaos Kreegan met Dirk following his stint in Fostervilla, he began equipping the wolf with a harness for Fenrir.  If needed, Dirk could bring the weapon at a moment’s notice, ultimately providing Kaos with a quick surprise attack should it be needed.