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Concept Art – Bolt’s Chakram and Maximus’ Clockwork Mouse

Hey there everyone!  Earlier in the year, we were showing off the works of a great concept artist, Azot.  We were calling these little items grab bags, because it was a couple of pictures of a few different artifacts.

Well, we’re back with more things to show off, thanks to our ongoing collaboration with him!  Today, we’re going to display two more Tellestian artifacts—we hope you enjoy them!


Bolt’s Chakram

Azot has a way about making the ordinary extraordinary.  While Bolt’s chakram in Lord of Thunder is pretty tame, he added some cool features to it like you wouldn’t believe.

I feel like this is the kind of stuff you would see as a Dynasty Warrior character’s ultimate weapon.  Needless to say, I absolutely love it.


Maximus’ Clockwork Mouse

Next up, we’re looking at another character’s specific item. Maximus is pretty well known among the Tellest populace for being a tinkerer, and the clockwork mouse he made was one of his earliest inventions.

Here, we see the “skeleton” of the clockwork creature.  It almost looked like Azot put it through a 3D modeling software.

The final form looks even cooler.  The color fits what I would have imagined of it a bit better, and I like all the bells and whistles.  I could see this being made by a Warcraft gnome easily.


That’s it for today’s feature, but we’ll be back with two more concept art pieces in just three weeks.  Mark your calendars!

Character Art – Young Maximus

Hey there folks!  We’re back today with another look at one of our characters through the eyes of Hozure.  This time around, we’re looking at a young Maximus Xanders.

When last we saw Maximus done in a specific style, it was Hozure who had done him.  Back then, we were looking at an older Maximus on his clockwork horse.  This time around, we’ve done a nod to that, but in a reserved way.

We were given the opportunity to do this piece with his horse, Charcoal, but we needed to move on from that, in order to let Maximus move on as well.  Plus, we’d already seen Charcoal on the cover of The Tinker’s Tale.  Instead, we chose one of the poses that would have a clockwork mouse in it instead.

Maximus was always the kookiest of the Knights of Virtue, and I think this piece definitely picks up on that.  At the same time though, it shows kind of where his mind’s at, and that he has a vast imagination.  All that in such a small piece—that’s pretty impressive!

Here, you can see that the details have been filled in, and the piece is nearly done.  You can definitely tell how this guy ended up growing up to be the same fellow who made a clockwork horse, awesome weapons for his friends, and precise catapults upon the Lucerion Bridge.

And here you have it.  Our finished piece.  The background and shadow ends up really helping the lighting and details fall even more into place.

I really like Hozure’s interpretation of Maximus, and I’m actually really interested in seeing old/young interpretations of the other knights, especially considering we haven’t seen anyone else beyond a young Richard!