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Character Art – Venathryn

Hey folks!  We’ve got our final Hozure redux that we’re going to be showing off today.  Wrapping up, we’re going to look at Venathryn.

As we always do, we started with a selection of poses to choose from.  Hozure is always good about letting us do some cool stuff with the characters.

We ended up going for a somewhat static pose rather than a big action shot.  Here, Venathryn is nocking an arrow to her bow. There’s already a lot of detail, even in this WIP sketch.

Some more details makes her outfit pop that much more.  Venathryn is a little battleworn here, as you can see by the tatters in her cape, but she still looks badass.  Hozure did an awesome job!

Our final look at the character has her on a dark background to help us show some contrast.  She looks absolutely amazing, and we can’t be more appreciative of Hozure’s talents.


So… we may have fibbed a little bit regarding the redux series.  We still have one left, and you’ll be able to see it right here on tellest.com when we post it in just three weeks.  Stay tuned!

Character Art – Adelia Kreegan

Hey there folks.  We’re back with another Hozure redux today, with arguably the most popular character he’s ever worked with.  Adelia was also one of the first characters he did for us, so it’s great to see her freshened up a little bit.  It’s actually amazing how good a job he did with her as well.

As is always the case with our collaborations with Hozure, we started with some poses:

He gave us more this time than usual, which made it extra hard to choose.  But choose we did.

Our new Adelia just looks more complete.  Hozure’s always really good about choosing the little details, and in this particular piece, he gave her plenty, which you can even start to see in the WIP shot.

Everything gets more impressive with the completed version of Adelia.  Her spell, her staff, her belt, her footwear, the design of her dress.  This is probably one of my very favorites from Hozure, and it’s easy as anything to see why!

That little bit of background color adds a bit of contrast to the character, and you can see her in all her glory even better.


We’ve almost wrapped up the “redux” series.  By now, you’ve got to know who comes next and last.  Catch us here again in just three weeks!

Happy Halloween – Weekend at Bixby’s

In honor of Halloween, we worked with Leo to come up with a story and a lovely art piece for one of our tried and true antiheroes, Bixby Alladocious.  Below, you can see the long trials of making a piece of art worthy of our ne’er-die-well.

The first phase of what we’re lovingly calling Weekend at Bixby’s was the confusing back and forth of finding out how to present the piece.

We had talked about how we wanted things to be.  Maybe Bixby—who dies often, but always comes back to life—could be manipulating one of his corpses on stage.  We were thinking a little more marionette than this Yorick-like pair of sketches:

Leo and I usually have very little problems communicating, but Bixby is such a weird character, with such an unusual ability.  Getting the point across the right way was a bit of a trial in and of itself.

There were some difficulties explaining to Leo that Bixby stayed the same size when he died.  I’m sure it didn’t help that I was using the word marionette, which often invokes images of tiny little puppets.  I had originally envisioned Bixby crouched behind a curtain, lifting his corpse up with strings.

That didn’t translate so well either.

This was the closest I think we got when we were still trying to go this route, but it still wasn’t quite what we were looking for.


After running out of steam with that train of thought, we switched tracks entirely.

Instead of doing the marionette thing, we opted to go with the Weekend at Bernie’s routine.  It just made a lot of sense.  Above, you’ll see the opening concept.

Our next variation was a little closer to what we were ultimately looking for.  And Leo started knocking it out of the park after this.

For the first time ever, Bixby was done by Leo, and he looked great!

Two Bixbies, on the other hand?  Even better!

We ended up making a couple more changes.  Dead Bixby looked a little too lively, so we added some flies, inflicted some noticeable wounds to him, and glossed over his eyes.  I glossed them over a little bit more for the final piece.

And there you have it.  Our team of Bixby’s look spectacular.  Also, considering how close his power is to Deadpool’s, we went with a color scheme that mimicked the merc with a mouth.  Bonus!

If you want to know how this image plays into Bixby’s latest story, you’ll have to read it—available to read now, right here.

Happy Halloween again everyone!

Character Art – Calypso

Hello folks.  Last week, we showed off a character that hasn’t had his time to shine yet (along with his faithful dog).  This week, we’re going to show off a character who has appeared in the books, but isn’t going to follow her intended path.  It’ll be a quick one, but interesting nonetheless.

Calypso was one of the combatants in the huge coliseum arc of Bindings, and she also showed up in the subsequent books as a defender of her city, along with her husband.  The plan at the time was going to be to have her ultimately find Alicia’s discarded pendant, and we were going to explore what that would mean. The planned sequels to the original trilogy are no longer going to happen—at least, not in this reality!

As we rejigger the series and Calypso’s part in it, we’re forced to ask ourselves how she’ll be able to fit into everything.  Calypso was never meant to be one of our AAA characters, but as we push more toward a world where every person plays their part, perhaps she can still play an interesting enough role to catch some attention.

Thanks to John Becaro for his take on this character!

Character Art – Emmett and Angus

Hey there folks.  Today we’ve got a special treat for you in the form of a set of characters who haven’t quite had their chance in the spotlight yet.  Emmett and Angus are a pair of characters that had a chance of getting their own tales thanks to the Tellest Legends Kickstarter we ran last year.  Unfortunately, we ran just a little under their stretch goal.  That’s not to say we’re giving up on them.  We just need to get around our other goals first.  Still, that’s no reason not to show off the characters right now!


As always with Hozure’s collabs, we started off with some sketches. You’ll see here that our characters are a man and a dog.  This is the first time we’ve had a pup done up (not including Dirk, mind you).

We chose to go with something a little more stoic than runny or playful.  Emmett is a proper highlander—not an immortal who is going to behead you, but someone from the highland, that is.  He’s got a very gaelic look to him, and Angus is always by his side.

After some more details, our heroes were complete.  I love the layers/tufts on Angus, and Emmett’s gear and outfit are fantastic. Hozure really outdid himself here.

A nice background makes it pop that much more.  Here’s to hoping we get to see these two in their own story soon enough.  We’re just about halfway done with the books we committed to last year.  Then it’ll be time to start some new tales!

Character Art – Azura

Hello folks!  We’ve got a quick, bite-sized treat for you today.  It has been over a year since we’ve had the opportunity to show off some of the work we did with Barnswallow.  Today, she’s doing a character debut for us.

Azura is a character that was introduced way back in the first iteration of my debut novel, when I was seventeen.  A lot has changed since that original write-up, and a lot is changing still.  But the look I’ve had for her in my head has never really changed.

Azura is classy and mysterious, and she’s been a figure in Kaos Kreegan’s life before.  There are definitely going to be some twists and turns in her story going forward.  She deserves a bigger role in the world of Tellest, and we’re going to make sure she gets it.

Character Art – Kaiyonani

Folks, it’s that time again.  We’ve worked with Hozure enough to know that it’s probably going to be a permanent thing, and we’re happy to show off the latest of our collaborations.  While he’s mostly done humans and elves for us, we have had one of our anthro races show up.  Today, let’s make that two.

Kaiyonani is arguably one of our more popular characters.  People love cats, people love dragons, and people love powerful females. There’s a lot of boxes that get checked by Dragonspeaker.  But to make sure she looks as awesome as possible, that’s why we go to people like Hozure.

Kaiyonani has a very particular flavor to her.  Most of our characters have a very feudal Europe feel to them, but Kai comes from almost the Sahara equivalent of Tellest.  It wouldn’t make much sense to see her in heavy armor or anything like that.  Hozure captured her essence here perfectly.

With his next change to the character, Hozure added some awesome details to her.  The staff, her spots, the fabric… Everything just pops here.  I like the attention to her fur as well.  You’ll see a lot of smooth areas, but you’ll also see sproingy little tufts as well.

And there you have it.  Our Dragonspeaker from the Kehara in all her glory, captured by a very, very talented artist.  Thanks so much to Hozure for lending us his gifts!

Character Art – Young Maximus

Hey there folks!  We’re back today with another look at one of our characters through the eyes of Hozure.  This time around, we’re looking at a young Maximus Xanders.

When last we saw Maximus done in a specific style, it was Hozure who had done him.  Back then, we were looking at an older Maximus on his clockwork horse.  This time around, we’ve done a nod to that, but in a reserved way.

We were given the opportunity to do this piece with his horse, Charcoal, but we needed to move on from that, in order to let Maximus move on as well.  Plus, we’d already seen Charcoal on the cover of The Tinker’s Tale.  Instead, we chose one of the poses that would have a clockwork mouse in it instead.

Maximus was always the kookiest of the Knights of Virtue, and I think this piece definitely picks up on that.  At the same time though, it shows kind of where his mind’s at, and that he has a vast imagination.  All that in such a small piece—that’s pretty impressive!

Here, you can see that the details have been filled in, and the piece is nearly done.  You can definitely tell how this guy ended up growing up to be the same fellow who made a clockwork horse, awesome weapons for his friends, and precise catapults upon the Lucerion Bridge.

And here you have it.  Our finished piece.  The background and shadow ends up really helping the lighting and details fall even more into place.

I really like Hozure’s interpretation of Maximus, and I’m actually really interested in seeing old/young interpretations of the other knights, especially considering we haven’t seen anyone else beyond a young Richard!

Character Art – Zoe Hart

Howdy folks!  I always feel like it takes forever before we have the opportunity to put up a new piece by Red Pear, but I’m always so happy when those opportunities arrive.  With the exception of Leo and Hozure, there’s no artist we’ve worked with who has been more prolific, and she gives us a really good look at the characters we’ve created.

Today, we’re looking at a character we’ve seen before.  A couple different artists have tried their hand at Zoe Hart, but this is the first time, believe it or not, that Red Pear has tried her hand at the second generation hero.

Zoe was a quick one for us.  Pear gave us two sketches to work with, and this one was the one that we passed on.

The original pose looked a little too much like Lyla, so we opted for this second piece.  Both highlighted her weapon of choice, the sai.

The detail layer shows off a bunch of cool little details, like her neck piece, and the braid in her hair.  It also highlights her youth.  She’s definitely on the younger side of the characters—maybe younger than Adelia is by the time all our heroes converge—but she’s still a force to be reckoned with!

And here’s our final version of the character with a splash of color.

Here’s a fun fact: If you’ve ever played that game whisper down the lane, this is kind of what it’s like when art is involved.  In the books, Zoe isn’t quite as…bountiful.  But our first artist to tackle her, John Becaro, has a very specific style.  His women all have large assets, and every artist to take on the character since then has kept those womanly curves in place!

That’s it for this take.  It won’t be long before our next Red Pear feature though.  Stay tuned!

Character Art – Keota of the Avarians

Hey there folks. It’s a lot of fun to show off all our characters, but in a world as diverse as Tellest, I feel like we’ve leaned on our human characters a bit more than I’d like to admit!  We’ve got a few elves that we’ve seen, and the dwarves have shown up in a few larger pictures (though not by themselves).  And of course we’ve seen a bit of Dirk and Kaiyonani.  But it’s time to give some other characters a chance to shine!

Today’s character is Keota, the avarian who is aided by Bolt Thunderfury against a giant and an army of naga.

As with all of our collaborations with Hozure, we began with a few poses that we were able to choose from.  For such an interesting character, we wanted something that showed off a lot of him.

We opted to go with something that showed Keota’s broad, bronze wings.  He’s no stranger to armor and weaponry either.

Once we added some more luster to the character, Keota nearly popped of the screen.  He made for a great ally to Bolt, and it was awesome to see him realized like this.

Tacking on a background makes this incredible avarian look even more impressive.

What do you think?  Would you like to see more of Keota’s roost captured in art like this?  There’s plenty more on the horizon!