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Character Art – Faradorn

When the first set of Tales of Tellest books came out, we lucked out by finding Hozure, who has done amazing work for us since our initial collaboration.

With the sequel stories now on their way (with Lord of Thunder leading the pack), we wanted to take a look at some of the other characters in each of the series—we already had a look at the younger version of Richard Lener.  Today, though, we’ll take a look at a hero from Arise, who we introduced with his own short story not too long ago.

Faradorn is an elf from an otherwise extinct tribe.  His people could harness the power of light and fire and turn that power into energy projectiles.  Since Faradorn is the only one left, he isn’t sharing that power with anyone, and it’s amplified in him.

Cocky and arrogant, Faradorn doesn’t come off as someone you’d exactly want in your corner—at first.  What he does have, though, is a fierce loyalty once you’ve been properly vetted.  He’s a welcome addition to the crew of Maravek, Venathryn and Vandelas, and that’s important against so powerful a foe as the one in Arise.

While Faradorn’s debut in The City of Light and Darkness was a nice introduction to both this powerful elf and the city of Versali-Virai, it’s nice  to be able to expand on both of them in the upcoming novel. I really hope you enjoy it when you get a chance to read it!

Art – Cast of Arise

Hey there folks!

We have just a quick one for you this week, as I’m settling back into things after a loss in the family.

I love working things out with new artists, and Rigrena has been one of the ones I happily put into the win column in the last year.  She did some emergency work for us for the Kickstarter in September, and we’ve decided to use her again.

We utilized Rigrena’s skills for promotional work on our last book that’s releasing this year, Arise.  The sequel to Awake, we wanted to see her interpretation on Venathryn and Maravek, and we expanded it to our other two heroes, Vandelas and Faradorn.

The finished version is very impressive.  I’m a big fan of the beautiful background she put together for us, too.

So what do you think?  Do you like Rigrena’s artwork for Tellest? Should we get her to do more stuff fairly soon??  Sound off in the comments and let us know your feelings!

Character Art – Richard Lener

Hello there folks!  I’m real excited to show you guys a new character today.  Well, technically he’s an old character, but he’s never had art done for him before.  One of our favorite artists, Hozure, brought him to life.

First off, we’ll take a look at the poses we were allowed to choose from:

Since Stealing Seramore is a heist novel, we opted to go for what we thought was the sneakiest pose.

Richard is prim and proper, but he has one thing going against him: his faith in a singular god has got him into a lot of trouble.

Here you can see a few more added details.  Richard also has some great skills as an alchemist.  He’s mixed up some pretty neat potions in his day.

Present day Richard is a lot older than this fellow, but it was nice to take a trip down memory lane and see what he was like when he was young.  Thanks very much, Hozure, for doing what you do best!

Character Art – Eclipse Clarion

Hey folks!  We’ve got another look at a classic character today. Eclipse has been a part of the Tellest universe since As Darkness Falls, but that second book hasn’t had a lot shown off for it yet. We’ve focused on some big characters (Venathryn, Narallyndra, Zoe and Retrus to name a few), but most of the character art we’ve seen thus far comes from Bindings and the Tales of Tellest series books.

We got Hozure involved to do a pretty cool take on our favorite ranger from the Spirit Woods though.  Check it out:

You’ll see a lot of green in there.  We knew we wanted to focus on the strain that Eclipse has.  He can control fauna in some pretty cool ways, making brambles burst from the ground, causing trees to sway, and even coercing vines to do his bidding.

Here you can see that we opted to go with a more reserved look.  He wields a saber here (just a plain one—not his soul saber, Twilight). It’s almost as if he’s daring you to mess with him.

The follow-up adds a little more color and shading, and the texture comes into place a little bit more.  It’s hard to cover yourself in thorny vines without damaging your cloak!


And here you have the final look at this awesome character.  There’s a lot more shine here, and the shadow makes him pop a bit more.

We’ve got tons more coming from Hozure in the weeks and months to come, so keep your eyes peeled!

Character Art – Conrad the Blessed

It’s been a while since we’ve had any work done for Conrad, who had his debut short story way back in 2015.  Our cleric who has an even better healing touch than most was cursed in that story, and unfortunately, it’s not the kind of curse where you just lose your socks all the time.

No, poor Conrad has to choose between hurting himself or hurting others.

The Sadori are kind of like Tellest’s take on barbaric islanders.  One of the gods they worship is a great kraken who drags whole ships to the bottom of the ocean (and further).  It was his curse—Kaikano’s Vengeance—that afflicts Conrad.

Conrad can still heal as much as he wants, but there’s a darkness inside of him that yearns to come out.  And the longer he waits, the more it hurts and otherwise affects him.  He can release that darkness at his will, but it always ends up homing in on someone else.

It’s not a secret the cleric wants to let out into the open, either.  Even though he could let out lots of smaller bouts of that darkness, he keeps quiet.  The only people who know about his new power are the father and son clerics, Richard and Robert Lener, and the man who he shares the curse with: Ruslan Ananto.

Hozure did an awesome job figuring out how to show our poor priest in pain like you wouldn’t believe, while still appearing badass in a lot of ways.

We’re excited for more great art from Hozure in the future!

Character Art – David Garus

It’s the start of a brand new year, and we think that it’s going to be the biggest one yet for Tellest.  We’ve got a card game on the horizon, a big stop at Philadelphia Comic Con and at least four new books releasing this year.

One of the things that makes us look forward to our future, though, is the strong connections we’ve made in the past.  We’ve made incredible alliances with brilliant writers and artists over the time that we’ve evolved, and it’s time to show off some of the fruits of those labors.

We’re going to start off art in 2017 with Hozure’s awesome take on David Garus.  David is a mountain of a man with a pretty cool power: projectiles bounce off of his skin harmlessly, no matter the size.  Of course, that doesn’t quite help him against huge catapult volleys that crush the ground he’s standing on, but surviving that is still a pretty cool bonus!

Hozure started us off with a set of sketches.  David’s pretty impressive in that he dual wields a set of battle axes.  He’s tough enough to do so, and talented enough to keep his foes at a distance with those weapons.

Things are even more impressive with this follow-up image.  I love how casually David strolls forward, as if ready to taunt a score of archers into firing off their arrows at him.

Thanks to Hozure for making our first big art release in 2017 an impressive one.  He did a great job, and we can’t wait to show off more of our awesome lineup of art over the next 50 weeks!

Character Art – Christopher Linus

Hey there folks.  Though it has only been a few weeks since we’ve had some awesome Hozure work to show off, it feels like ages to me. We’ve got another cool bit of character art to get into though, and this one finishes up our Bindings of Fate “trinity”.


Christopher Linus is an interesting character.  In the books, he’s the kind of character who sits right alongside Kaos and Steel Tip as heroes who’ve lost it all and come up from nothing.  As it turns out though, Christopher’s life wasn’t all that great to begin with.


In an as yet unreleased encyclopedia entry for Christopher, we discover that his parents were essentially cultists, though not perhaps as bad as some in fantasy are portrayed.  Our hammer-wielding hero had his share of ups and downs long before Juramentado made a mess of his hometown.


Christopher still bears the scars of his past, but only some of them are visible.  Thanks so much to Hozure for doing such an incredible job.  Our figure artist is wrapped through 2016, but you can expect to see more from him early in the new year.

Character Art – Steel Tip

I didn’t realize how long it’s been since we had some Hozure art on this site, but now I can quantify it: too long!  But today, we’re going to rectify that.

The last big character piece that our favorite “figurine” artist did for us was Kaos Kreegan back in August.  We’re in November now, though, and seeing as Michael is working on a story about Ippius now, it only seems fair that we look at one of its greatest heroes: Kevin Dactyls, otherwise known as the ranger, Steel Tip.


Once again, we’ve got a slightly beardy ranger firing out with his bow.  You can see here, though, that he’s using the Spectrum, the weapon he acquired in As Darkness Falls.  How?  That ain’t no normal arrow!


Here you can see the iconic green that the ranger is known for, and you can more definitively see the awesome magic arrow that is ready to be fired out.  I love all the details here, from the warped look to the bow, to the magic quiver, Woodchuck, slung over his shoulder.


Finally, we’ve added a colored background behind the ranger that makes him pop a little bit more.  There’s a beautiful smoky look to everything, and he just comes off looking badass.

There’s no better ally for Kaos than Steel Tip, and we’ve got some very interesting changes coming for his character in the near future (can someone say Retcon?), so keep your eyes peeled.

Character Art – Conrad the Blessed

Hey there everyone!

I’m still getting used to life after Kickstarter.  Things are moving extra extra quick, from a writing perspective, a marketing perspective and a website maintenance perspective.  I’m waking up early every day, all in the hopes of trying to catch up with everything. We do have some good news—another book was finished over the weekend—but hey, that’s not what you’re here for this instant.  You want art!

We’re all set to deliver, because we once again were given the opportunity to work with RedPear.  This time, we’re showing off a character who was introduced in one of the original trilogy books before getting a little spinoff short story in the Tales of Tellest.

Conrad the Blessed would be an unassuming citizen of Atalatha if it wasn’t for his talents as a cleric.  He’s been responsible for bringing some of the finest heroes back from the brink of death, but following the end of the battles with Blacklehn, he found himself healing the wrong person…




The first thing we had to decide was what pose we wanted to introduce Conrad with.  We passed on the top one, and went ahead with the bottom selection.


Red gave us a nice little follow-up, so we could take a guess at what kind of outfit we could expect our cleric to wear.





Of course, our artist is nothing if not thorough, and as we made our way deeper into the character creation process, she gave us some other clothing options to choose from.


We ultimately settled on pretty much the same outfit she originally set out for us.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, after all!


From there, Red made some slim changes to the character’s face to more accurately represent the model we chose.  I think this version of the character’s face looks very unique compared to a lot of our other Tellest heroes!


Finally, Red added a dash of color, and gave Conrad a real good last look at him.

It’ll be a long while before we get to feature some RedPear art again, but we are so excited for that opportunity.  She did some great work for us, and we can’t wait for her spot in the schedule once more!

Character art – Iliana

Hey everybody!  Since we’re still deep in Kickstarterland (just a stone’s throw away from the Otherworld), this is going to be a quick one today.  Still, we’re hoping it’ll be really enjoyable!

You see, we worked with Barnswallow, one of our more recent additions to our collaborations, to have her tackle a character who is a little bit new to the series.

Iliana is a delver, what we call the dark elves of the Tellest universe. Catchy name, right?  Almost makes up for the simple portmanteau. This particular delver also has some history with a somewhat more established character, who was introduced in Son of the Storm.

Iliana dark sketch 2 Iliana dark sketch 1


We started off with a couple of sketches.  These are very similar, but we had to determine whether or not we were going with an extra bit of skin or not.  I opted for more.  Iliana is the kind of person who would use that to her advantage.


Iliana Complete


As I said, it was a really quick one.  Barnswallow went right for the jugular, and we were so impressed.  Iliana looks gorgeous and deadly, all at the same time.

Well, it’s time to get our noses back to the Kickstarter grindstone. We look forward to bringing you more from the world of Tellest, and from Barnswallow!