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Sprite Arts – Lagano

Hello again from Pixel Land.  We’re here today to give you an awesome look at another new race from our upcoming card game, and it might just end up being your new favorite.

At this point, the “evil” races of our game are sorely outmatched by the alleged good guys.  There’s no better way of evening the scales than by showing off a race with scales.  So, without further adieu, here are your lagano heroes:

Kieriss Raul Qath Lerra Skithis Vississ Woas

Our lagano are perhaps more different from each other than any other race on Tellest—only the kaja and the kobolds stand a chance at holding up to their variety.  That’s because the lagano are technically not a race, but a collection of them.  Most are the tried and true lizardfolk that you’re accustomed to in other fantasy universes.  But it also encompasses anthropomorphic snakes and gators and things of that nature.

We could go on about semantics forever, but we know what you’re really here for is the characters!

Kieriss Raul 4x

Kieriss Raul is an adept thief, who is just as good at picking off an enemy from afar as he is at slinking in the shadows until an opportunity comes to poke an unsuspecting fool full of holes with his deadly kris.  Hailing from the swamplands of Warus, he’s seen his fair share of conflict with other races.

Qath Lerra 4x

Qath Lerra is a temple guardian from the Ipparian island of Norkoth. She’s earned immense praise not only from her peers, but also from their gods, and has rose up the ranks as a powerful member of her society.  That’s why it was surprising to everyone when she chose to investigate the strange dungeon, leaving her temple behind.

Skithis 4x

Skithis is a deadly member of an elite warrior’s guild that hails from Sithus.  The Rhodan city is known for producing incredible amounts of lethal poison, and Skithis enchants all his weapons with it. Unfortunately, the potency of the poison, and the lack of caution that he exercises while using it leaves him in danger at all times without an ally to keep an eye on him.

Vississ Woas 4x

Vississ Woas is a cleric of Kerogane.  Her people pray to a flaming salamander god, and a good amount of her peers believe her to be a rising champion in his fiery eyes.  Though she seems regal and almost dainty, she’s proven to others that she is fierce and able to endure anything.

Lagano 4x

And there you have it.  This is our full team of Lagano.  Hopefully you liked this little look behind the curtain.

Next up, we’re heading back for another look at the good guys, with Tellest’s minotaur crew.

Sprite Art – Kobolds

Hey there folks!  Just coming back at you again with some new heroes from our card game!

Today’s group is a little smaller, both in number, and sometimes, in size.  The kobolds live in a society dictated mostly by breed, and the ones who are of a certain size are often ignored by the larger and stronger breeds.

Without going too much into that, let’s take a look at the adventurers who are going to brave our dungeon:

Jasper Breth Leah Tremaine Vya Moot

As varied in their sizes as they are in their breed, eh?

Jasper Breth 4x

Jasper Breth is arguably our most adorable adventurer in the entire game.  He’s a paladin who is committed to upholding justice, even though he’s a teensie, tiny little fellow.  He’s got his work cut out for him on a regular day, so it’s going to be a real challenge when he ventures into the darkness of the mysterious dungeon.

Leah Tremaine 4x

Leah Tremaine is one of the characters we’ve featured in our short stories, and she’s done some growing up since the.  No longer the littlest kobold, she actually stands a little bit taller than Jasper.  It wouldn’t matter though.  As a mutt, in kobold society, Leah is practically untouchable.  Of course, that can be helpful sometimes, especially in her new line of work… as a thief.

Vya Moot 4x

Vya Moot is a tough nut to crack.  It’s long been rumored that she’s got gnoll blood in her, though she would argue to the ends of the world and back that she isn’t.  Still, no one can miss the fact that she plays with decidedly dark magic.  Even those closest to her can scarcely believe that she’s to be fully trusted.

Kobolds 4x

And there you have it… your kobold heroes, and the latest batch of adventurers who we’re hoping you’re going to love in our new card game!

Stay tuned for later this month as we bring you the cunning lagano!




It’s about time we show you some more of this game, don’t you think?  Why not the very design of the cards?  Here’s your very first look at the card design we ended with.

This nice pearly white card is the card on which our adventurers will be placed.  It leaves room for an explanation of the cards abilities, their class, title and of course, the artwork.

Meanwhile, here’s a darker card design for our dungeon chamber cards.  You’ll notice we still have room for the various pieces of this design.

In the next few months, as we get closer to a full reveal, we’ll continue to show off some cool parts of the game.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Sprite Art – Kaja

Hello there everybody!  We’ve got a new group of heroes to show off to you from our card game, which we’re getting increasingly further along with!  Testing is going well, and we’re excited to drop some major bombshells regarding what this game is all about very, very soon.

Fun fact: this group that we’re featuring today—the kaja—was almost prominently featured in the 2013 book, The Enemy Within. But because that book was bloated at over 800 pages, they were cut from the material.  Since then, they’ve appeared in short stories, and will feature in the future book, Dragonspeaker.

Let’s not spend too much time talking about the books just now.  You guys are here for the art!


Cath Oona Fe'Pavi Jagsis Hauth Olinna

They’re pretty much as different as they come, no?  As we’re prone to do, let’s get right down to business, and tell you what each of these adventurers do that makes them special.

Cath Oona 4x

Cath Oona comes from a tribe called the Pan’thar (again… the naming isn’t all that impressive, but you can blame that on her tribe, not on me).  With all that black fur, Cath makes an excellent assassin. Even though she’s not one of the most well-armored people, she’s still got an insane amount of fortitude, and she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Fe'Pavi 4x

Fe’Pavi is perhaps our most famous kaja, short of Kaiyonani, who is getting her own novella soon enough.  While that other kaja relies more on the aid of a dragon, Fee prefers to put her trust in other mortal races.  Together with Benton, she accounts for the two characters we have in this game from the short story Return of Faith.

Jagsis Hauth 4x

Jagsis Hauth hails from the desert sands of Saveon, where his tribe is in constant danger on account of rival kaja tribes, various beasts that live in the wilderness, and the recent arrival of humans from the north.  Of course, his tribe is wary of him, as well, especially since he found the magic orb that gives him magical prowess that he didn’t have before…

Olinna 4x

Olinna is a very peculiar creature.  More regal than the other kaja in this set, she also puts her faith where not many of her kind would. As a priestess of Animus, the god of life, Olinna has spent her time devoted to healing the sick, and easing the suffering of those that are committed to death.  When the dungeon appeared, however, she knew her journey would take her elsewhere.

Kaja 4x

And there you have it.  That’s our latest set of awesome adventurers, this time with a little more fur than we usually have.  These are some pretty cool cats, if I do say so myself, and we hope that one of them is your favorite when the game eventually comes out!

Sprite Art – Humans

Hey there folks.  It’s about time we get to the truly familiar, a race we can all be at least a little familiar with.  We already showed you some of our humans, but now we get to show them off even more.

Alexander Baron Alicia Mane Benton Kearst Jerrick Tull

Handsome group of folks there, and we’ve got every class covered, as usual.  But what exactly makes these folks tick?

Alexander Baron 4x

Alexander Baron is the kind of chap who believes that there is no problem that can’t be solved without a proper dose of perseverance. Whether a situation requires money, chivalry or good old-fashioned moxie, Alexander is sure to fight the good fight as best he can. As headstrong as he is dashing, this fellow can often find himself in a little too deep, yet he always manages to find his way to safety.

Alicia Mane 4x

Perhaps our most famous character in the game, Alicia Mane needs no introduction if you’ve read any of the Child of the Stars trilogy books.  If you haven’t, just know that she’s one of the most powerful heroes in Tellest at this point and time.  Somehow blessed with both clerical and fiery magic, she can make short work of any foe—if she only learns how to temper those flames.

Benton Kearst 4x

Another character who is growing in popularity lately, Benton Kearst has what it takes to battle against almost insurmountable odds.  Rumor has it this white knight of Gardone has come from another world, but while he’s here, he’s made incredible allies, like the kaja thief, Fe’Pavi.  The group that he’s now a part of, championed by a distant benefactor named Shazra, consider Benton their leader, of sorts.

Jerrick Tull 4xJerrick Tull.  If something needs to be stolen, he’s the man you want for the job.  He’s dealt with insane odds, and escaped from places you wouldn’t believe.  He’s known to tempt fate more than he should, and one of these days, he’s likely to get himself into a problem that he can’t get out of.

Humans 4x


And there you have it: all our human champions in one place at the same time.  Though these heroes don’t know each other, they soon might, as they’re pitted against the traps and monsters of the dungeon that mysteriously appeared nearby…

We’ll be back soon with another group of adventurers, and this time, they won’t be so familiar to you.  Stay tuned!

Sprite Arts – Gremlins

Good morning everyone!  It’s time once again to look at some of the awesome sprite work that we’ve got going on for our upcoming game.  We are so close to being able to reveal more news it’s not even funny!

We’ve shown you an assortment of races already, and after today, we haven’t even hit the halfway point.  But this will be the second half of our more diminutive races.  We’re proud to introduce to you our gremlins!

Cravat Keeno Kor Laros Merris Dath Wecca Innis

Look at them little guys!  So cute, and yet, so deadly…

Cravat Keeno 4x

First up, we’ve got Cravat Keeno.  A master of thieves, he actually benefits from having other unscrupulous folks nearby.  He’s a brilliant tactician, and one heck of a good aim with his crossbow.  Of course, he’s just as deadly in the shadows with a blade.  Mostly mischievous, it’s Cravat’s greed that truly makes him dangerous.

Kor Laros 4x

Kor Laros doesn’t exactly have the same level of charisma that the other gremlins in this group have.  Ugly even by his race’s standards, Kor has steered the disdain he’s found into pure mayhem.  He’d be happy watching the world burn, and he’s happy to start with the dungeon that has mysteriously appeared.

Merris Dath 4x

Merris Dath: sometimes rival, sometimes friend to Cravat.  She’s another thief, so she’s gives him some kind of edge.  As much as Cravat likes to lean on other people though, Merris likes to work independently.  She considers herself the queen of thieves, and values expedience over all else.

Wecca Innis 4x

It’s a face only a mother could love, but Wecca Innis has earned her praise among her people for being a tough warrior.  And despite that strength (and those chompers), she’s known for being a bit of a charmer.  That good nature belies her skill, and she’d just as soon cut you down as compliment you.


And there’s your goblin crew.  Next time, we’re bringing you the race you’ll be most familiar with, no doubt: the humans.  For now, enjoy the tiny, tough bunch you see here!

Sprite Arts – Goblins

Hey there everyone!  We’re back once again to show off some of our upcoming game.  Drawing back the curtain bit by bit is hopefully getting you excited for a more expansive reveal later on.

We’ve shown you a wide assortment of characters already, and now we’re ready to show you another race of characters.  Elves and dwarves, gnomes and gnolls, it’s time to move aside.  Make way for the goblins!

Breggin Toll Darris Urza Jass Gore

You’ll notice right off the bat that we’ve only got three of these adventurers, similar to the dwarves, who were also underrepresented.  Such is life… it was all randomized—that’s the lot they drew!

So what are the stories for these three brave souls?

Breggin Toll 4x

First up, we have Breggin Toll.  Handsome guy, right?  Well, Breggin is a fierce goblin cleric who has set out to cleanse the dungeon that’s appeared.  He knows that something is amiss, and he’s willing to stake all his worth on finding out what that is.  Here’s an interesting side note, for if you’re new to Tellest.  Our goblins aren’t like the little guys you’ll see in most fantasy.  They’re vicious and deadly.  If you’re a fan of the old look though, sit tight, the gremlins have taken up that spot and are going to be our next featured race!

Darris Urza 4x

Darris Urza is a loner if there ever was one.  Even with those of his kind, this goblin shaman believes that they only hold him back.  He believes he’s stronger by himself, and as such, he never depends on anyone else.

Jass Gore 4x

Finally, we have Jass Gore.  This warrior/thief hybrid was inspired by Paul Davies’ concept art of the goblins, and we are incredibly satisfied by the way this turned out.  Jass is the face of the goblins, so to speak, and he’s definitely a strong candidate for a memorable champion.  Fleet of foot and deadly with a blade, Jass is one fellow you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley or dungeon corridor.


And there you have it.  Here’s your first look at the vicious goblins, just one more race that’s going to feature in our game.  Stay tuned… in a couple of weeks, we’ll show off those gremlins!


State of Tellest, November 2016

Howdy folks.  This is the first time that we’ve had the occasion to bring you two “State of Tellest” posts so close together.  I’d say that is a very good thing, because it means things are coming together at a quicker pace than ever before.

Part of that could be due to the fact that Tellest now encompasses so many different projects, from a handful of different people.  Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Legacy Novellas and Tales of Tellest Short Stories

A while back, we had mentioned that Brandi Salazar was brought on board to help us clean up our act—Act I, that is, to be clear.  She’s done a very good job of putting a further layer of shine on the stories from the original Tales of Tellest volume.  If you are one of our readers from the get-go, you should be able to update your reading devices to get some cleaner prose than before.


Tellest Legends Project

We’re coming along well with the Tellest Legends books.  The timeline is still looking promising, and we’re getting ready to run our second wave of edits on Lord of Thunder, starting today!  Those edits should go relatively quick; I’m assuming that the book is going to end up being roughly 4.5 hours total in reading time, so usually, my second pass takes about that long as well.  Then, it’ll go to our two wonderful editors, and we’ll get it ready for the Tellest Street Team prior to the March release of the book.

Since it’s November, most of the focus has been on the NaNoWriMo book (more on that in a moment).  We have to shift again in December, back to Dragonspeaker (which is first-pass complete), and to Stealing Seramore, which needs to find its feet again.  Arise, meanwhile, has been seeing some steady progress.  I write that book on the train to work in the mornings when I’m in my satellite office, so that’s been doing well.  I have a feeling that is going to run longer than the previous books of the new collection, but I’m still optimistic that we’ll get that prepared in time for the planned release date. After all, it’s still 2016!


Short Stories

I’m very happy to announce that we’re moving back into position with the Tellest short stories.  In fact, I made a whoopsie and didn’t include one of Aaron Canton’s shorts in the Tellest Newsletter as an exclusive like I believed I had, so we’re starting the new shorts up again today!

With my focus on the longer form novellas and novels at this point, I’m going to be letting Aaron helm our short story department for at least a little while, but I’ve got a handful that I want to put out before the second short story collection comes out in 2018.  Don’t forget, we’re trying to release at least 24 new shorts—but you’ll be able to catch most of them here first.



I went from believing that my NaNoWriMo project, The Silver Serpent Chronicles, was going to end up being too short to fit the 50,000 words required to be a victorious novel.  As it turns out, I’m probably set to reach at least 75,000 words by the time the story is done.

Now for the bad news: I lapsed!  Between funerals, podcasts, noodgie dogs and just a little bit of writing burn-out, I fell about 3,000 words behind.  Now, that’s not exactly difficult to make up—I’ve had 4,000 word days before, and with a four day weekend in front of us, I can likely make that up—but it is just one more obstacle before me.

In any case, I have my doubts that I’ll be able to finish the project in its entirely in November.  What we’ll probably end up doing is shifting some things around to find a focus on the books that are coming out sooner rather than later.  I have to do the same thing for last year’s NaNo project, which is even longer than this one.  Once I fall back into that one, we’ll be in a very good place.


Audiobooks, Now and Future

Phew… tired of reading yet?  If you are, I’ve got some great news for you: the first round of audiobooks are complete, though we’re still waiting for ACX to approve the fifth and final “Tales of Tellest” novella, Awake.  Once that’s done, we’ll have five books in audio form, and that’s a pretty cool feeling.

We had considered also having the short stories produced for ACX/Audible, but there are too many hoops to jump through to do that properly, so the idea we’re entertaining instead is bringing on another voice to our team in order to capture the short stories in audio and deliver it straight to our site.  We’re still prepping that relationship and those goals, but keep your eyes and ears open for that in the near future.

Further away, what we’re anticipating for our audio goals is that we’re going to work on getting most of our novella and novel length projects narrated a lot earlier in the game.  Previously, we waited to see if people enjoyed the written content of the Tales of Tellest novellas before we moved along.  This time, we’re going all in on day one.  The day the new books release, they should have the appropriate level of polish, and we’re going to begin the process of prepping them for audio.  For sequels, we’re anticipating continuing along with the narrators of the first books in each series.  For new properties (Dragonspeaker, Heart of the Forest, Silver Serpent Chronicles), we’ll look for new narrators to bring to our team. There’s a very real chance that we’ll end up running over ourselves eventually.  20 weeks isn’t that long when it comes to whipping up some decent audio, but we’ll see what we can pull off!


Card Game

Yes, we’re still working on this little side project!  In fact, it’s coming along very nicely.  All of our alpha art content is completed, though there has been some thought given as to whether or not we could get one or two more sets of assets.

In any case, we’re getting ready to prototype our game in the coming weeks.  Christmas is a great time to test how all kinds of different people enjoy the game, from nerds to regular ol’ folk.

The great news is that even when we had zero art, the game ended up being a lot of fun to people who liked tabletop.  I’m hoping the gorgeous art we’ve been acquiring for around 18 months really helps to step up the enjoyment of the game even further.

You can see the latest cards—full cards—on our Facebook page. There are adventurer cards up now, but we’ll be showing off a selection of dungeon cards in the coming weeks as well.

Now, there is a spot of bad news here.  Since this is the first time we ever put together a tabletop game, there’s still some things that I’m trying to put together and understand.  The timeline is one of the things that I didn’t realize was going to be so hard to stick to.  Here’s our dilemmas so far:

We aren’t going to make it to Magfest and PAX East (sold out, drat!).

What we are still going to try and do is make it to AnimeNext, Philly Comic Con and Metatopia next year.  I really want to run the circuit for this game, and if we see a lot of genuine enjoyment out of it, we may try and jump into some other places as well.  The ultimate goal is to try and Kickstart this game, ala Boss Monster, but we shall see what we can pull off.  I’m very happy with the journey this game has made (even though I still haven’t settled on a final name for it yet). Time will tell if the destination is a happy one!


That’ll about wrap us up.  Even though it’s only been a month, it seems we had plenty to talk about.  Here’s hoping the next time we get to chat, there’s even more incredible Tellest news.  Thanks for tuning in!


Michael DeAngelo

Sprite Arts – Gnomes

Greetings once again from Pixel Land.  How is everybody doing today?  It’s been a long while (well, for me it’s only been a few days because I’m scheduling this post well in advance), but we’re finally back with some fresh sprite art to show off from our card game.

You’ve already been shown the dwarves, the elves and the gnolls, and in keeping with our alphabetical order of things, it’s now time to show off the gnomes!

Ana Hilluff Berras Ames Gnoemi Luna Aren Urrabar Riese

There you’ll see our mighty five.  Just like the previous groups, these gnomish heroes come in different shapes and sizes, and their personalities don’t necessarily match either.

Without further adieu, let’s get a little closer to these folks, and see what makes them tick:

Ana Hilluff 4x

Ana Hilluff is a thief with some kind of Robin Hood-esque qualities. She’s got plenty of good intentions, but she doesn’t care so much about what pains she may bring to others to arrive there.  When you’re as petite and vulnerable as she is, you take extra steps to assure your survival.

Berras Ames 4x

Known as the lightbringer among his people, Berras Ames has only grown more fearless in his old age.  When a mysterious dungeon appeared near his home, he knew that he needed to make a pilgrimage into its depths.  He believes that only he can make sense of the dark and dreary place, though he wouldn’t mind some of the treasures that may await below.

Gnoemi 4x

Few among the gnomes believe in the tales of Gnoemi, a thief who has mastered the arcane arts as well.  Perhaps that speaks volumes to her talents, as she surely does exist.  She’ll pit all those skills against the dungeon that has appeared in the wilderness.

Luna Aren 4x

Luna Aren defies the size of her people, and brings the hurt wherever she goes.  A citizen of Hillheim, she’s accustomed to life among gnomes, dwarves and humans.  She never let her diminished height affect her courage, and she’s comfortable using many different kinds of weapons.

Urrabar Riese 4x

Urrabar Riese doesn’t quite look the part of the thief, but he plays his role well.  More a hunter than anything, he’s used a combination of all his skills to survive the harsh wilderness near the mountains of Daltain.  Some say he’s lucky, and others say the name Urrabar is just passed down from one incredible gnome to the next.

Gnomes 4x

And here’s the whole crew, side by side.  This one might be a little more interesting, in that two of these gnomes may have met before.

Stay tuned for the next set in a few weeks!

Sprite Art – Gnolls

Hey there folks.  It’s been quite some time, but we return to you once again with a look at our upcoming, still somewhat mysterious card game.

We’ve already showed you the dwarves and the elves, both considered to be among the goodly races in not only Tellest but fantasy in general.  Today, we’re going to show you a dingier, less trusted race of the world.  Today, we’re showing you the gnolls.

Wherricks Rayas Vhirr Perth Garreth Quarl Feneece Clawgaze

How’s that for an assortment of different kinds of gnolls?  Just like the elves and dwarves, there’s not much that these five together besides their race.  It’s probably more apparent with them than with the others, because their attire and demeanor even seems different here and there.  So, what’s their deal?


Our first gnoll—both in this list, and that we had designed—goes by the name of Wherricks.  Wherrics is kind of unique in that he’s been stuck in my mind palace for about two years now.  I’ve written a story that contains him, but it hasn’t seen anyone’s eyes but mine. What I can tell you about him is that, while he looks like the quintessential gnoll here, he’s done a fair share of working with other races as well.

Rayas Vhirr4x

Rayas Vhirr is a gnoll with a more understandable look, I believe, than the rest of her comrades here.  She’s got a very tribal look, and that’s most likely because she comes from the deserts of Saveon. Hyenas inspired the gnolls, so why not?


Perth, on the other hand, is a lot more of a reserved variation of her race.  A bit smaller and not exactly packing heat, she goes against what you’d think of when you think of a gnoll. She’s willing to sacrifice for her friends, even at the cost of her life.

Garreth Quarl4x

Here comes my favorite of the bunch.  Garreth Quarl is a bit of a treasure hunter—which already makes him jump up in my list.  Well… alright, maybe treasure hunter is too strong a word.  Perhaps crypt robber is more appropriate.  Either way, this is my guy.  You can also get a little bit of a Simon Belmont flavor from him, which I’m totally into.

Feneece Clawgaze4x

And here’s our last one for the gnolls.  Feneece Clawgaze, Poor thing looks emaciated, doesn’t she?  But you should know this.  Looks can be deceiving.  She is just about the opposite of the healer, Perth. Crossing her could be the worst thing you ever do.



And here you have the whole gang.  Just like with the others, you’d probably find some similarities with this group, but they aren’t exactly a tight-knit group.

Next time, we’ll bring you a friendly bunch… but we’re not telling you who just yet!

Sprite Art – Elves

Hello there folks.  We’re back this week with some more fantastic (if I do say so myself) art from the card game we’re going to be unveiling later this year.

While we showed you the dwarves of this game last week, it’s time to venture to different places on Tellest, and show you another race. Similar to our last set, these elves that we’re about to show you have no affiliation with each other, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t tough as nails in their own right.

Vesso JaithCallieflynn Devaniel QuinnisPhaetha

So what are their stories, per chance?  Let’s get into that a little bit, shall we?

Vesso Jaith4x

Vesso Jaith is a trapper who moonlights as a thief.  While he’s more comfortable tracking down and hunting an animal, he’s not against using his tactics against humanoids.  His lineage is also in doubt, with people claiming that he’s a half-elf, despite his protests otherwise.


Callieflynn Xaxos is a shadow priestess who had earned a little bit of ire from her people thanks to her darker forms of magic.  Cast out from her sect, she handles herself just fine alone.  May the gods help anyone who dares encounter her when she’s feeling hostile.

Devaniel Quinnis4x

Devaniel Quinnis is an extraordinary druid, though he is not as affiliated with other elves as some would expect.  He’s known as the highfather in a forest with no others of his kind, and some say that he waits to pass on that mantle to a true successor.


Named after a great legend of ages past, Phaetha has earned her own praise among her people.  With her trusty trident in hand, she’s held back the assaults of goblins, trolls and mighty beasts.  It’s no wonder so many aspire to be like her.


Here, you can see the collection of elves that will be featured in our game.  Each as different from each other as the next, they’re each sure to be someone’s favorite when the cards are on the table.

Stay tuned—we’ve still got 12 more races to show off!