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Fantasy Book Promo – Rainbow Gardens: A WWII Historical Fantasy

Well look at that.  Two great period piece fantasies back to back, and they couldn’t be more different.  When you typically think of fantasy, your mind doesn’t race to World War II (unless maybe you’ve been watching Outlander).  But to some, creativity just sticks out at you, and it becomes a story that needs to be told.

James Malone’s Rainbow Gardens is that kind of story that needs to be told.  It’s helps to tell an important part of American history, and it also slides in an appropriate amount of fantasy that gives it just the right flavor.  It all stems from a basic thought: After the Japanese Internment, can Harry Shikita ever forgive the trolls who put him there?





The descendants of Cain are trolls. The kind that turn to stone. They live among us, craving forgiveness, knowing that their hereditary stain can never be removed–at least, not until their own Redeemer comes.

They think they’ve found him. His name is a Harry Shikita, a Japanese-American immigrant to Minnesota in the 1920s. But Harry knows nothing about trolls. All he wants is the American Dream: a successful business, to become a member of the Rotary–a good ol’ boy. He spends decades building Rainbow Gardens, Minnesota’s first and best roadside resort for motorists.

But the 20s and 30s are a tough time to be a “Jap” in America, and it only gets worse after Pearl Harbor. Innocent of any wrongdoing, Harry finds himself interned for the duration of the war–and his business in tatters.

Can Harry find a way to forgive his adopted country? And in so doing, can he become the trolls’ bridge to God’s Grace? The answer lies within the neon paradise of Rainbow Gardens.


James is no stranger to the written word, having experiences in advertising, communications and public affairs.  You can download the eloquently crafted Rainbow Gardens from Amazon, here.


Fantasy Story Promo – Tale of a Silver Lion: Refuge Ending

When you write your first story, it really is a magical feeling.  I don’t want to remember a time when crafting a world, or developing a character wasn’t in my life.  It’s an addicting process, perhaps only rivaled by the first time that you actually put your story out there for others.

Tale of a Silver Lion: Refuge Ending is Gene Herington’s first published tale, and it begins an ambitious written universe known as the Stonemaster Series.  You can tell that there’s a lot of thought that goes into Herington’s work too, as he effortlessly crafts a tale for his hero, Pencheval.

Landing squarely in high fantasy, Herington makes it known that he is familiar and comfortable in the genre.  Moreover, he balances his prose with action and a building story, bits of humor, and overall he leads through to a fun adventure.


ToaSL Cover



Pencheval had traveled to the Emerald Refuge to get away from the life of a Silver Lion Adept. Being part of a guild of mercenaries and bounty hunters was wearing hard upon him. But he quickly found the slower pace of contemplation in the quiet valley dull, and accepted the contract he should not have taken.

It seemed easy enough work for one skilled in sword and magic. All he had to do was accompany a patrol and assess a threat. Instead, he found a scourge strong enough to lay waste to the Emerald Refuge, and it will take everything he has to even survive the night.


This first foray into the writing game has definitely stoked my interest in Herington’s work.  My hope is that we get to see more from the Stonemaster series soon.  If you’re interested in Tale of a Silver Lion: Refuge Ending, check it out on Amazon.  As of this writing, it is part of a free promotion for two days!


Fantasy Book Promo – Trapped in Glass

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back in full force today, live (sort of) from the Otherworld.  I’m always happy to have a new story to act as the herald for, and in this case, I’m excited to introduce you to Trapped in Glass, a fantasy novel from Robert Vincent.

Robert’s work is one that I’m a very big fan of.  That might be because it reminds me in some ways of my work.  I do think that he captures action incredibly well, and it is that talent that leads the beginning of Trapped in Glass to capture you so efficiently.

Let’s let Robert’s work grab your attention for a moment:





King Rolt has cast his poison daughters across the realm. With skirmishes on the Greenlyn border, Denwar preparing for battle, and Ralvek being drawn into the fray – his daughters need only play their parts and Migorill will become the sole power in the land. That is, if everything proceeds as planned… Unfortunately for Rolt, the loyalties of blood are not as strong as he had hoped.

Elizabeth, his second daughter, is determined to put the schemes of her father to an end. She has thrown her lot in with Adric, a Greenlyn Corporal, in an open declaration against her sire. He has seen the strength of Migorill’s royal line, and if they should fail, Elizabeth will bring the fight to her father with her own two hands.

Like father, like daughter.


Robert has been working on Trapped in Glass for a long time.  That kind of patient craftsmanship is what makes the book a fun, engaging read.  This decade-in-the-making story is well worth a look, and comes from an author who is well-read, and very interesting.  If you’re interested in the novel, please check it out on Amazon.  And for more information on the author, visit Robert’s personal website.

Fantasy Book Promo – Saphora vol. 1: Retention

How cool would it be to be a superhero?  How amazing would it be to fly from one point on the Earth to another?  Saphora by Jaz Johnson entertains these thoughts, but it also goes behind the curtain, and shows the struggles of the person behind the powers. You see, Saphora is not entirely unlike our favorite Kryptonian. Jettisoned from her planet, her true origins are lost to her.  She has found peace on Earth, except for the encroachment of Tebias, who seeks to return her to her ancestral home.

Johnson has lovingly crafted a story for Saphora, and one that seems eager to continue being told.  She’s even got a second character from her Athena universe who is making waves.  Her words will explain the beginning of the saga better than I could:


Saphora Cover


Launched from an escape pod by the hands of her desperate mother and queen of the Kiran kingdom in attempts to save her only child from an approaching war, our protagonist Saphora finds herself on Earth, plagued with amnesia. Taken in by an ordinary woman, Saphora attends therapy in attempts to regain her memory. All while constantly discovering new abilities. But she wasn’t the only one to visit Earth. A man has been sent from the enemy lines to assassinate Saphora while she is vulnerable. But handicapped as she is, she fights back, learning that she is the only thing standing in the way of the kingdom falling. With the costs mounting, can Saphora find a way to save the planet that fostered her and her kingdom?


If Saphora sounds like the kind of heroine that you can get behind, check out the first book in the series, Retentionhere.  And for more from the prolific Miss Johnson, including her stellar books, check out her website.

Fantasy Book Highlight – Shieldwolf Dawning

It isn’t very often that I’m tasked with making a choice in that byline up there.  It’s either fantasy or its sci-fi, but its rarely both at the same time.  In this case, I bring you a special “little” story by Selena Nemorin, that spans both.

Shieldwolf Dawning is the tale of two siblings who are brought to another world that is very unlike their own.  What they once thought was home was a planet very much like ours, with high tech weaponry, robotics and other amenities that we take for granted. But that world is tainted, and the new world is so fantastic:

Golden valley


For 13-year-old Samarra, life behind the sheltering walls of the planet Gaia is stifling. But when she convinces her brother, Cassian, to run away to another world, everything they know is turned upside-down. Forced to join the Shieldwolves, an order of shamans, brother and sister find themselves in the middle of an escalating war between two magic factions.


Shieldwolf Dawning definitely goes beyond the traditional fantasy/sci-fi as well.  The author has a background in philosophy, and it transcends to her work.  Samarra and her brother make hard choices, which aren’t the typical ones you’d see your characters faced with in a tween-friendly novel, but it works in a grand way. Stay tuned for more news about this great title!