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Awake Released in Audio

Howdy folks.  I come to you with fantastic news today.  Awake has become the fifth and final Tales of Tellest novella to release on Audible.


Narrated by Brandon McKernan, who has done work for us twice before, Awake is the tale of Venathryn of the Whisperwind Elves, who suffers from a terrible guilt made manifest in her dreams.

You can pick up Awake on Audible today for the low price of $6.95!

Fantasy Promo Double Take – Pansflorawood

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another promo from the Otherworld.  We’ve got an awesome an interesting one for you today, because we’re working with one of our previous writers who has been making something of herself and her wonderful little fantasy world.

J. J. Adams delivers a charming sing-songy experience that you have to experience firsthand—and now you can do it in a couple different ways.  Back in February, we promoted it as an ebook, but now we also have the privilege of promoting Pansflorawood as an upcoming audiobook!


All come one, one come all, to the Autumn Pumpkin Ball on the Equinox of Fall!

When a Elven wedding is interrupted by a villainous vampire bat and two mischievous magpies, feathers get ruffled for The Birds of Paradise Performing Arts Troupe!

“PANSFLORAWOOD” is modern day Shakespeare with an unusual story mixed with unique poetry. A one of a kind book!

A gorgeous book of fantasy and poetry, Pansflorawood is written in whimsical iambic pentameter.  Adams has a wonderfully quirky attitude and presence, and her work is as delightful as it comes. Pansflorawood really is a treasure—a fantasy book for right brain stimulation to launch the power of your imagination!

If you’re looking for the book in ebook format, you can pick it up on Amazon here.  Of course, you can’t forget to check out the material on the Pansflorawood website, and of course, be on the lookout for that upcoming audiobook!

Mageborn Audiobook Giveaway!

Today, I’m announcing a small contest with 10 winners—with one catch: you have to be a subscriber to the Tellest Newsletter.  Each winner will earn a credit to get their own copy of the Mageborn audiobook for free.  Once you sign up, respond to the welcome email with the name of the floating continent in The Fall (hint: it starts with an S).

I’ll tally everyone up on Monday the 28th, and pick—at random—our ten winners, reach out to them and explain how to receive their free books.

Best of luck to all who enter, and thank you for being fans of Tellest!

Back from Otherworld

Hello all!  After an extended stay in Otherworld for the past couple of weeks, we’re back on solid ground in Tellest.  It has been a busy couple months, what with the advent of Inner Demons, the continuing adventures in the Tales of Tellest collection, and the search for more artists to round out the vision that we have here.

There are still plenty of things going on behind the scenes, and I don’t want anyone to be left out.

One of the things that we are going to start on in the next few weeks is the arrangement to have the audiobooks begin.  We’re starting to small, with the Tales of Tellest, first and foremost – they’re up to snuff, and smaller morsels for potential producers to get their hands dirty with.  We’re actually auditioning Mageborn presently, and hope to bring you news on that front in the next couple of days or so.

Hopefully, once we have the Tales of Tellest properties properly narrated, we’ll have The Bindings of Fate ready to produce as well – following those rewrites we’ve mentioned before.  If the audiobooks sell well enough, we’ll be able to slip right into the bigger, chunkier novels (and give our narrators a decent amount of work)!

We’re also still chugging along with Tellest’s first game property. Chris and I have been tackling new things each month, and on our priority list for July is an interface that will really pop when the game is ready for release.  These are just mockups, but I think they’re really putting us in the right direction.





You can see we also used some of the previous art we’ve had the privilege of receiving from Paul and Joman in the past.  While it looks great in this little project, those are just placeholder for now.  There’s a good chance we’ll have original art in its place in the final form, most likely from Chris.

Tellest is coming along faster every day, and we have a wonderful audience to thank for it.  I really do appreciate all the opportunities you’ve given me, and am happy to continue showing it!






The Crew – The Voice of Tellest

This past year has been a huge jumping point for me.  It brings back memories of when I first started releasing my stories to the public.

In 2011, I was finishing up my second book, but the first one was just sitting in a desk somewhere.  At that point, I was completely oblivious to both Kindle and Amazon’s KDP program, and jumping in was both exciting and nerve-wracking.  Five months later, I had two books on virtual shelves.  With that kind of ongoing momentum, at the height of their popularity, I was selling 300 copies per month.

Because The Enemy Within took so long to write, I went about 18 months without a release.  Popularity has since died down, but that’s all about to change.

Similar to 2011, Amazon – or rather, an affiliate, ACX – introduced me to the voice of Tellest.  Brandon Cassinelli is, by far, one of the most talented people I have ever had the privilege of working with.

ACX is an audiobook program that connects authors with voice talent.  Similar to my jump into KDP, I had a lot of nervous energy going into ACX.  I took the plunge, and set up an account, and an audition piece for The Bindings of Fate, thinking, it’ll probably be months before I hear anything from anyone.

Brandon auditioned within 24 hours.  I must admit, I expected along the line that I’d have to turn down a few offers.  When I say that Brandon is the voice of Tellest, I mean it implicitly.  I don’t think that there’s anyone else out there who better matched the feel and quality that I was looking for.

Rhianna happened to be in the room with me when I listened to the audition piece, and she saw my mouth drop.  I had never been so excited for Tellest before that moment.

To top it off, Brandon is one of the best people I’ve ever worked with.  He’s unbelievably hard working and remarkably talented, yet he’s down to Earth and decidedly humble.  His warmth and care for both the brand and the people he works with gives me faith in humanity.  I hope you all give Brandon a listen at some point.  You won’t be disappointed!