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Concept Art – Devlin’s Helmet and the Mythril Spear

Hey there folks!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are eager to start a great New Year with 2018.  We’ve been showing off a lot of character art, but it’s time to turn around and show off some more of the awesome artifacts from the world of Tellest today.

First up, we have a headpiece from one of our exclusive newsletter short stories.

Devlin is a character that we introduced in Hunters, a story you can only read (for now) if you subscribe to the Tellest newsletter.  He’s a somewhat scrupulous fellow who is tracking down people with powers and capturing them, though as of now, no one knows for sure why.

Of course, to track and capture a powered person, you need to have powers.  Since Devlin doesn’t have any innate abilities, he amasses magical equipment to help even those odds.

Among Devlin’s repertoire of equipment is his helmet, which lets him see through objects.  It works very well with the bracer he owns that expands into a shield.  Being able to see your target through a barrier is a huge boon to Devlin, and one he utilizes regularly.


Let’s shift over to offense, and look at the mythril spear that was meant to kill a mighty frost giant.

The entirety of Bolt and Keota’s quest in Lord of Thunder hinges on being able to craft a deadly spear that can puncture the icy chest of a frost giant that is endangering the lives of a struggling avarian people.  You can’t talk about the spear and not make it, so of course it ends up being forged.

Keota goes on to wield the impressive weapon, bringing it to bear against his enemies despite the dangers.

We’ve got one more Azot grab bag to show you next year, so stay tuned.  Enjoy the rest of 2017, and we’ll see you in an even more amazing 2018!

Concept Art – Kaiyonani’s Staff and the Bracelet of Travel

Good morning folks!  We’re back with another Azot grab bag today, focusing on the magical and weird things of Tellest.

First up, let’s take a look at the weapon of choice that our Dragonspeaker, Kaiyonani, uses.

Kaiyonani’s Staff

Here’s Azot’s initial look at the staff.  It’s definitely got a more gnarled look to it than in the other views we’ve had of it.  We always talk about how he stylizes everything, and I liked the way this was going.


The finalized version was definitely not what we would have usually seen Kai use.  The little idols looked more akin to a witch doctor, but I was okay with how this looked.  Maybe in another universe, Kai’s desert was swampland instead.


Bracelet of Travel

Next up, we’ve got the Bracelet of Travel.  It was introduced in The Enemy Within to help me out with some long distance meetups.  It feels like it happens all the time in Game of Thrones without any explanation—well, I found a way to make it work in my series.  This bracelet let’s people travel through the Nexus in order to arrive at different places in Tellest.  This version of it was a little too busy for me, so we had Azot tweak it somewhat.

This version still had a somewhat eerie, otherworldly feel to it, but it wasn’t as crazy.  In my original write-up, it wasn’t anything like this, but I can dig it!

Here you can see the complete version of Azot’s bracelet.  I imagine a dark energy pours out of that spiral, and coerces doorways to the Nexus to manifest.


We’ll be back one more time before the end of the year to show off some more artifacts.  Keep your eyes peeled here just before New Years if these relics of Tellest entertain you!

Concept Art V by Azot

Hello there folks!  I’m sad to say that we’re coming to the end of an era today.  This is the last set of five “grab-bags” we did with Azot for our artifact concept art series.  We’ve seen a lot of cool Tellest stuff, but this brings us to our agreed upon ten.

Let’s not get all melancholy, though.  Instead, we’ll focus on the art.

First off, let’s take a look at Woodchuck, the quiver of endless arrows that is in the hands of our ranger, Steel Tip.


Here, you can see it taking shape.  Azot gave it those nice designs and styles that he’s known for.


In our final variation, you can see the details even better.  We have an awesome little lion down there as well.  Nobody knows the exact origins of this magical quiver, but we do know that Steel Tip received it for helping the elves of Cefen’adiel during a troublesome encounter with a handful of evil races.

Next, we’ll step over to another one of our young heroes.  Holklund Crescentshire utilizes an awesome sword called Sepulcher’s Claw, which allows him to such the life force out of his foes.


There’s a very eastern feel here, which I really dig.


Now it’s time to confess to something embarrassing.  I thought that I had told Azot that the sword was supposed to be comprised of wood.  The thing was carved out of a tree that was planted atop a man’s grave.  Somehow I didn’t let him know that part of the weapon’s history!


In my opinion, the art was salvaged wonderfully.  A lot of people wouldn’t put much faith in a wooden sword, but Holklund’s Dao is anything but an ordinary wooden sword.

And that about wraps up our set with Azot.  It would be a bit sad, I think…

If it wasn’t for the fact that we’ve slotted up ten more gorgeous pieces of art from him!  We’re so excited to show you phase two of our collaboration with Azot in the next year.  While we’re getting to that, of course, be sure to check out all the other beautiful art coming your way!

Concept Art IV By Azot

Moving right along, folks!  We’re back in the groove, and that means showing off some awesome artwork.

Over the past few months, we’ve been lucky enough to show off some gorgeous art by a new concept artist, Azot.  Well, he’s not so new anymore, and it looks like he’s sticking around for a while!

We’ve shown gloves and pendants and things of that nature, but we’re getting into some pretty cool stuff today.


First up, we have Azot’s interpretation of the Wispmail.  This armor, worn by Kaos Kreegan, looks like a typical set of chain or ring mail, but it’s enchanted to let the wearer feel as though they’re simply wearing cloth.


Azot made the think look gorgeous on all accounts, and I’d be very happy to see some art with Kaos in an outfit like this later!

But who is Kaos without his trusty sidekick Steel Tip?  The ranger from Ippius came to Draconis looking for an item that was meant to prove his lineage—a magical sword called the Spectrum.


What he found, however, was a bow of the same name.  Above, you can see Azot’s version of the weapon as its taking shape.


The Spectrum is notable for the way it enchants the projectiles that are fired from it.  A magical trail of color makes it look like streaks in the sky, which the ranger is able to use to illuminate the darkness, and to send signals to his allies.

This wraps up the fourth set of items from Azot.  We have one last batch from our initial collaboration, so be sure to come back here on Wednesdays, when we feature our gorgeous art!

Concept Art III by Azot

Hey there everybody.  We’re still getting acclimated to life without Kickstarter, but that doesn’t mean there’s ever any time to relax. We’ve got books going out to new fans, we’re cleaning up our old catalog, and we are of course writing new material as fast as we can. In fact, word has it there might be a new State of Tellest blog post coming right around the corner.

But I digress.  That’s not why you’re here today.  You’re here to see some awesome new concept art, courtesy of our artificer, Azot.

Just as before, Azot has put in a lot of work on two pieces of Tellest history.  Both of them are part of Kaos Kreegan’s ensemble—at least as far as The Bindings of Fate is concerned.

We’ll start off with the Iron Kiss, which is the item Kaos had for far longer.  It’s a leather glove with magnetic properties, making it capable of unlocking just about any chest or door he comes across.


As always, we should remind you that Azot’s art is highly stylized. There’s a good chance that the artifacts our heroes would use are probably a little more mundane looking than these gorgeous pieces, but what’s the fun in that?


As you can see here, things are coming together great.  The Iron Kiss is one of the favorite items that Kaos relies on.  After all, it’s not all that entertaining getting to a treasure chest and not being able to see what’s inside.


Here’s the final look at this awesome artifact.  I love the extra flourishes that Azot put on the piece, like the trim, the lock symbol, and the little dice-looking pattern there at the bottom.

After that, let’s move on over to one of our former main character’s new pieces of equipment.  This is the Ring of Amplification, which—as its name implies—empowers something.  But what?  Well, as of now, it only works with the powers of someone who is what we call a Child of the Stars.  There are only a few of them who have been revealed in the series, including Kaos Kreegan, Essex Cayne, and the stranger known as Azura.  But things are known to change.


Here are some early sketches of the artifact.  The symbol of the starchildren is a black sun around a blue triangle.  Azot also gave us a version that was a little less accurate in case we wanted to mix things up a bit.


After that, we played around a little bit with the color scheme, so that we knew exactly what we were going to be looking at when it was finished.


Ultimately, we decided to pull back a little bit, and have a bit more blue and gold than black.  It’s used primarily by a hero in the books we’ve released, and the excess black kind of made it look like a ring fit for a villain.

We’re on a roll with these, so keep your eyes peeled for the next set of pieces from our concept artist Azot.  Next time you’ll see his work is next month!


Concept Art II by Azot

Well hello there friends!  A while back now (three months in regular time… three years in internet time!) we told you we had begun working with a new artist, Azot.  We forged ten items with him, but we only had the opportunity to show you the first two.  Today, that mistake is rectified!

Last time, we showed you some of the equipment that Kaos Kreegan has used from time to time.  Now, we’re going to show you what are ostensibly the two most important items in the series at this point.

First off, let’s show you Mr. Macguffin, the item that makes the entire first trilogy take place.  In The Bindings of Fate, Kaos Kreegan discovers the mystical gauntlet of time long past, Azaros.

Azaros Desaturated

The funny thing is, nobody even really knew what Azaros did until the second book.  It really was just a MacGuffin, but it’d be like if the ark was never opened in Raiders!

Azaros 5

The full color version of the gauntlet doesn’t look that out of place in the world of Tellest.  But, I do think it looks a little bit like a medieval mega buster, which I’m totally OK with!

The next item up on our list is quite possibly even more important.  It is an item that connects two characters, lends one power, and eventually unleashes even greater power, which may not be able to be controlled…

Heart of Ariyas 0

The Heart of Ariyas was given to Alicia when she was just five years old.  Kaos Kreegan was a stud even back then.

Heart of Ariyas Desaturated

Sixteen years later, when Kaos met Alicia again, it was the heart pendant that she wore around her neck that proved to him that it was the girl he knew from his youth.

Heart of Ariyas Card

The Heart of Ariyas—the goddess of love on Tellest—gave Alicia great power.  She could heal the wounded…

Heart of Ariyas 1

And it also gave her great strength, but at a cost.  The fire magic that was offered to her through the pendant enraged Alicia, and put her in situations that were as horrifying as they were dangerous.


That’s it for this grab bag, but you can bet your behind that we’re not going to wait three months for the next set.  We’ll be back later this month with two more pieces that Azot did.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Concept Art I by Azot

Hey there folks.  So, one of the things we pride ourselves on here at Tellest is a great amount of content, and ways to see into the world of our writing.  Thus far, most of the focus on that has been through the characters, and to some extent, various maps and locale concept art.

One of the things we’ve been missing out on is a representation of the treasures and artifacts that our characters wield.  Tellest is very much a fantasy world, and as such, we knew it was important to show that magic exists everywhere.

To that effort, we’ve banded together with a new artist named Azot, to show you some awesomely visualized versions of the treasures our characters wield.

First up, let’s show off what I believe is Kaos Kreegan’s most badass piece of equipment.  The Sky Talon is a grappling hook that can root itself magically in the air, allowing Kaos to swing and hover over obstacles and enemies.

Sky Talon Desaturated

Again, these are highly stylized, so they wouldn’t quite look like this in universe, but who wants to see something as mundane as that?

Sky Talon

Here you can see the colorized version of it.  This definitely looks like the tool of a treasure hunter!

And what kind of treasure would Kaos be hunting?  Why not the magical sword, Wildfire?


Azot gave us versions of the sword with both the non-ignited and flaming versions.

Wildfire 2

It pops off the page even more in full color.  That symbol on the sword is the first time we’re seeing Kaos Kreegan’s logo.  In the books, it’s a blue triangle and a black sun, but it looks perfect here.

Throughout the rest of the year, we’ve got much more to show you from Azot.  Keep your eyes peeled for our next update!

Heart of Ariyas


How it was Acquired

During Michael Kreegan’s first visit to the city of Atalatha, the festivities for Alicia Mane’s birthday party were in place.  A contest had been set in motion in one of the fairgrounds, wherein brave men could attempt to make their way through an obstacle course without being knocked down.

Despite the dangers, Michael snuck into the obstacle course, and managed to win, against all odds.  The man who had organized the obstacle course was offering up a ruby encrusted, silver pendant that was shaped like a heart.  When he attempted to keep the pendant from Michael, his family and a stranger, Stephen Caista, fought for his right to it.

Later that night, upon meeting with Alicia Mane, he gave her the item, which had been dubbed the Heart of Ariyas.



The Heart of Ariyas bestows mystical powers upon its wielder.  Both clerical and fire magic seems to be readily available to whoever wears it.


Early Events

Over a decade after Alicia was given the Heart of Ariyas as a gift from Michael Kreegan, she attempted to visit him at an inn, The Centurion, following another contest he had taken part in.  When he did not arrive, she planned on leaving.  Brigands assaulted the inn, however, and she was forced to defend herself.

With the powers of the necklace, she was able to thwart her aggressors.  Unfortunately, the fire magic that she cast resulted in the complete destruction of the inn, along with the inhabitants inside, including its owner, Peyton Garus.

The Sky Talon



The Sky Talon is one of Kaos Kreegan’s magical antiquities.  It is also one of several that he cannot explain his possession of.  In the year 976, a sizable portion of Kaos’ memory had lapsed.  One day, he woke up in a field in southwestern Raleigh, the Sky Talon among his belongings.


At first glance, the Sky Talon appears to be naught but a mundane grappling hook.  Unlike its commonplace counterparts, however, it can rest in midair.  Whoever wields the Sky Talon can will it to lock into place, where it will act as though it has hooked onto stone.  Likewise, the wielder can express their desire to release the hold, which will drop the device into their hands.

Early Events

Upon waking far from home in a strange land, Kaos realized that he had acquired several items that he was unfamiliar with.  Among them was a simple looking grappling hook.  Unfortunately, because of its innocuous appearance, Kaos was unaware of its uncanny ability for quite some time.

Kaos activated the Sky Talon for the first time without being conscious of his actions.  Beset upon by goblins, he ran for his life, and was keen on leaping from the height of a waterfall, praying that he would land safely within its gentle embrace below.  He realized his err too late, however, when the sight of the rocks caught his attention.  His prayer instead landed upon his nameless grappling hook, which he desperately swung toward the rock face.

Miraculously, he believed he caught himself on one of the waterfall’s jutting rocks on his way down.  As he carefully ascended the cable of the hook, he realized the truth.  The grapple was merely resting in midair, answering his prayer in the most insane way he could think of.

Ongoing Operations

Once Kaos was aware of the grappling hook’s amazing characteristics, he gave it the name Sky Talon.  It became one of his more regularly used tools, gaining him entry into hard to reach places and offering him escapes when they were sorely needed.

Sepulcher’s Claw



Based on the tales that were told of the sinister sword, Sepulcher’s Claw was fashioned from the grave of an old, forgotten hero of the lost ages.  A corpsewood tree grew upon the man’s grave, and when it grew too large to be safe, it was cut down.  Rather than using it for kindling, the wood was given to a blacksmith of unknown origins.  He shaped it into a dao, and infused it with dark magic, before giving it to a shadowy group that dwelled in and around the city of Fostervilla.

Resting Place

Sepulcher’s Claw disappeared from records for a long time before it turned up in a dark and dreary place beneath the sands east of Fostervilla.  It was used as a key within the Tomb of Fleeting Souls before a worthy wielder was gifted it.


Sepulcher’s Claw is a vampiric sword.  It leeches life away from those it touches, appearing as necrosis.  Oftentimes the wounds can be quite fatal.  Those who have been injured by the dao seem not to heal.  Their necrotic wounds do eventually scab over and scar, but it is an unpleasant healing process.

Because it is a wooden sword, Sepulcher’s Claw is ultimately very light.  Its wielder is afforded some extra agility.  Despite the material, the enchantment cast upon the sword seems to have made it indestructible.


Following a crisis in Fostervilla, the thief, Holklund Crescentshire acquired Sepulcher’s Claw from its previous owner.  The blade had been passed down to him, though he’s been careful to keep the identity of the benefactor a secret.