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Well, it’s here again.  Another November.  Also known as the craziest month of the year.  I’ve run Kickstarters in November before, and I’ve done NaNoWriMo on two different occasions.

This year, I’m doing both—at the same time.

Truth be told, this year, I’m trying to see if I can reach three goals by the end of the month.  It’s going to be insane.  It’s going to be intense.

For the Kickstarter, we need to raise $15,000 in order to secure the minimum order from our manufacturer.  It’d be even better if we managed to pull off more than that, because I have so many cool things lined up that I’d love to see if we could hit.

In case you haven’t seen all the KS links plastered all over the site, here’s another one.


On the NaNoWriMo side of things, I’m also still working on Quantum Quest.  This year’s book is going to focus on a novelization for the upcoming game, and we’re including some pretty cool things from the Tellest universe.  One of them is a hero who wasn’t on the front cover of the game box.  When you’re thinking of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff, I know who you’re thinking of.  That’s right.  Rhys Oberon.

That was who you were thinking of.  Right?

Rhys has only had one small starring role so far.  He was the character who set a lot of time traveling shenanigans in motion in Keeper of the Void.  But he’s a huge character in the grand tapestry of Tellest.  I haven’t had a chance to write a follow-up story for him, but I’m definitely going to make attempts to get at least one more short out for him before QQ and its novelization release.

And even if you haven’t realized it, he’s had his hand involved in some of the other events in the Tellest books so far.

For the Quantum Quest book, I need to complete 50,000 words in 30 days.  I’ve pulled it off before, but never with so much else riding on my shoulders.  With two big convention weekends this month, it’s going to be interesting to see if I can pull it off.

I should probably abstain from writing big ol’ blog posts, huh?

Finally, this last goal is more for myself than for my creative passions.  I’m a little too old to be as pudgy as I am.  Rhianna and I found a lifestyle change that’s been working out for us pretty well.  I’d love to drop another 10 lbs by the end of the month.  So that’s it.  The third goal is a little bit of weight loss.

The conventions are certainly not going to help with that.

So that’s it for now, but I’m going to be a little bit more vocal on this site as the Kickstarter and NaNoWriMo go on.  You can actually see a sneak peek of the QQ novelization if you head over to the campaign page.  I think you’ll like what you read!



Alicia vs Undead

Hey there folks!  As you’ll notice, Hozure’s awesome rendition of Venathryn and Narallyndra versus the goblins has fallen off the front page.  That means it’s time for another new piece of art from him!

This time, we’re focusing on his interpretation of one of our other heroines, Alicia Mane, fighting against the beings that would surely fall to her fastest, a horde of undead.

Alicia 1

Here, you can see the preparatory steps we took to plan the scene. We knew very well what we were aiming for, and even from the next draft, Hozure crushed it.

Alicia 2

Believe it or not, this is still a work-in-progress.  At this point, it’s like… what!?  There were some more things to keep working on. Alicia has twin powers: fiery magic, and a more clerical set of powers (if this was Final Fantasy, she’d be a red mage).  But we’ve never been able to demonstrate her clerical powers in art form yet.  This is as close as we ever went, but the structure of the scene disguises her left hand, and we don’t quite see that beam of light as one of her spells.

Alicia 3

We experimented, then, with pushing the main skeleton back…

Alicia 4

…but even with that extra room, it didn’t quite give us what we were looking for.

Alicia 5

So we changed the beam of holy light into a fire blast instead. Hozure also added another skeleton to the top of the crypt for good measure!

This was the last scene in the set of three that we ended up with. We still have more collaborative work to show off with this fantastic artist, but for now, this is the last “scene” that we’ve done.  We’re hoping to make up for that soon though.  Stay tuned for more from our artists next week!

Art: Alicia by Bea Gonzalez

Boy do we have a treat for you today.  A few months back, we began working with an excellent artist by the name of Bea Gonzalez.  Her work is amazing, and we have the proof to show that to you.

It all started with a sketch of Alicia Mane.Alicia Sketch

Her sketch has a very rustic look to it that I really love.  Bea took phenomenal care to make sure our character looked truly impressive as well.

Alicia WIP


Although all of her art looks spectacular, I think she saved some of her best for us.  Alicia looks amazing in this work-in-progress piece.  She did an excellent job with the lighting and the effects.  I actually had a hard time believe that this wasn’t the final piece.

But, Bea surprised us again.

Alicia Complete


The lighting was modified even further, and some extra care was taken to express the material (like the buttons and the fabric).  This is one of my favorite pieces that we’ve had done – I hope you enjoyed it too!

Art: Alicia Completed Piece

Today we get to see some more fire from the duke of Atalatha’s daughter.  Between her and Adelia, we’ve got our magic users cut out for us, though it seems Alicia has taken center stage lately.

And rightly so.  She’s a character that has a lot of layers.  Not too likable in the first chapters of the first book, she grows into a force to be reckoned with by the third book.  In the next few books in the series, you’ll see her become one of the strongest players in all of Tellest.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  For now, check out the awesome work that Joman did:

Alicia Mane clean



As is typical, he also provided us with the awesome background version of the design as well:

Alicia Mane bg



Stay tuned for more artwork in the weeks to come.  In the beginning of November, we’ll be back with some more Joman material!

Art: Alicia Concepts

It’s been almost a month since we last put some focus on Joman’s work, so let’s bring it back!  Today, we’ll be showing you the initial sketches and work on Alicia, who’s been getting pretty popular around here lately.

As usual, we started with some poses.

These were all very dancy, but it’s in line with what we’ve come to expect from Joman and his work. We chose pose 2, because we felt it best demonstrated both of her magics at the same time.


Sometimes, there's some confusion between the artist and the commissioner, so Joman thought we chose pose 3.  I liked it so much that we stuck with it.
Sometimes, there’s some confusion between the artist and the commissioner, so Joman thought we chose pose 3. I liked it so much that we stuck with it.


She's a lot more expressive in this version.  This also further enforces how great Joman is with outfits.
She’s a lot more expressive in this version. This also further enforces how great Joman is with outfits.


Next week you’ll see just how impressive it looks with Alicia’s magic included.  We only chose to use fire for this interpretation, but I think that makes it pop that much more.


Alicia Mane


Family and Early Life

Alicia Mane was born on Nehr 8th, 959.  Her father was a heroic adventurer named Eltan Mane, who was best known for his role in the fall of Roark, the tyrannical undead king of Blacklehn.  Later, Eltan was given permission to begin construction on the city of Atalatha, which evolved to be even bigger than Viscosa, Raleigh’s capitol city.  He took on the title of Duke, governing over the city.

Miss Mane was unfortunately unable to know her mother, Kyra, very well.  During her fifth birthday celebration, Alicia’s mother passed away to illness.  It was during that tragedy that she first met the Kreegans.  The Eltans and the Kreegans developed a brief friendship, despite the difference of their class.


Manifestation of Powers

Nearly ten years after the tragedy of her mother’s death, Alicia heard rumors of Michael Kreegan returning to the city.  She attempted to reconcile with him, during an event at the fledgling coliseum, but was unable to find him.  Instead, she intended on meeting him at the inn where she knew he was staying.

When she arrived at the Centurion, Michael had already left for his home.  Instead, she was approached by a band of thugs, who were searching for the winner of the coliseum event.  Finding her instead, they attempted to sexually assault her, and kidnap her for ransom, before they learned of her high stature.  She didn’t let them ruminate on her position for long, however.

Desperately trying to escape, a fire shot forth from her hand.  The Centurion burned to the ground, along with the thugs that attacked her, and the owner of the inn.  She never spoke of her involvement to anyone.


Alicia Mane bg


Atalatha’s Youngest Diplomat

Following the tragedy at the Centurion, Alicia spent a long while trying to forget about the cruel images that plagued her memories.  Much time was spent grooming her to be an aid for her father.  She became a diplomat, traveling to other Raleighn towns when he could not.

She also spent some time within the capitol of Viscosa.  There, she pursued a brief education, specifically trying to figure out more about what had caused the fire to leap from her hands all those years before.


Alicia CT

Art: Alicia

Once again, we are looking at one of the characters of Tellest with a different lens.  Alicia, the duke of Atalatha’s daughter, is one of our female protagonists, and we’ve got RedPear’s interpretation of her today.

Alicia was important to get right, because there are so many different interpretations you can make of her.  She’s got so many different layers to her that in can be hard to distinguish what and who she really is.  She’s strong but she can give into her emotions quite easily.  She’s fierce but she’s vulnerable.  She can be arrogant, and sometimes incredibly humble.  I think that what we have to show you today captures a bit of the stronger side of her, but I’ll let you decide.

We started with the possible poses:





For the sake of this project, we chose to work with the version that had Alicia demonstrating her fire magic.  For a lot of the other characters, this would be difficult to do since their weapons are typically bigger than a small flame like this.

After that, we moved into the next phase of the creation.


Alicia BW


I personally think that this looks like it could be the cover of a manga.  It is just so gorgeous, and she did an excellent job capturing her.  As is par for the course with RedPear, she also provided us a color tinted version of the final piece:


Alicia CT



Here, you can see even more flames in the background, and that reflects a little on her hair.  She’s not actually a redhead, but the tint of the piece makes it look like that.  And this interpretation also highlights one more important component of the work: the ruby heart that Alicia wears.

We’ll be back with more work from RedPear in the next couple of weeks!


Heart of Ariyas


How it was Acquired

During Michael Kreegan’s first visit to the city of Atalatha, the festivities for Alicia Mane’s birthday party were in place.  A contest had been set in motion in one of the fairgrounds, wherein brave men could attempt to make their way through an obstacle course without being knocked down.

Despite the dangers, Michael snuck into the obstacle course, and managed to win, against all odds.  The man who had organized the obstacle course was offering up a ruby encrusted, silver pendant that was shaped like a heart.  When he attempted to keep the pendant from Michael, his family and a stranger, Stephen Caista, fought for his right to it.

Later that night, upon meeting with Alicia Mane, he gave her the item, which had been dubbed the Heart of Ariyas.



The Heart of Ariyas bestows mystical powers upon its wielder.  Both clerical and fire magic seems to be readily available to whoever wears it.


Early Events

Over a decade after Alicia was given the Heart of Ariyas as a gift from Michael Kreegan, she attempted to visit him at an inn, The Centurion, following another contest he had taken part in.  When he did not arrive, she planned on leaving.  Brigands assaulted the inn, however, and she was forced to defend herself.

With the powers of the necklace, she was able to thwart her aggressors.  Unfortunately, the fire magic that she cast resulted in the complete destruction of the inn, along with the inhabitants inside, including its owner, Peyton Garus.