Interview with Brandy Nacole

Welcome back everyone!  While we took a short little sidestep away from Otherworld last week to look at some promising, yet distant future plans for Tellest, we’re back on track this week.  We’re taking a brief stop in the written universe of dark fantasy author Brandy Nacole, whose Shadow World books have earned her quite a bit of praise.  I was able to convince Ms. Nacole to take a short moment of her time to sit down and discuss her books with me.


Tellest: In the Shadow World books, you have so many different clashes of occult and dark fantasy cultures coming together.  How did you come up with the concept of having all the different Shadow World beings intermingle?

Brandy Nacole: My main focus when starting the series was on Racquel.  It was her story that drew me into creating the series to begin with.  Racquel is a unique being, her DNA a mixture of Lycan, Vampire, Witch, and Shifter.  But Racquel is unwelcome because mixing the races is against the law, therefore she shouldn’t even exist.  I brought so many of the different beings together to emphasize how strict the Shadow laws are and how each race treats Racquel. 


T: You write your Shadow World books from a first person perspective.  Do you find any challenges getting into the mind of Racquel when she has such a fantastic backstory?

BN: Not at all.  Writing in first person is my comfort zone, I guess you could say.  I’ve written a few short stories in third person, but I seem to struggle with them more.  I’m currently writing a novella in third person and struggling a lot more with it than I have with any of my other series that are in first person. 


T: You’ve got a wonderful amount of positive feedback on your books, while a lot of other authors seem to struggle to get that kind of response.  What’s your secret to gaining that kind of attention?

BN: I’m am so thankful for the feedback that I have gotten for both my series.  A huge shout out goes out to the readers and bloggers for their support and for featuring me on their blogs and letting others know about my books.  They are the reason for the exposure that I have received so far.  I am constantly researching new marketing strategies or trying to create my own, but honestly it’s the readers that make it happen!


T: You’ve also done some work on a second series called Spiritual Discord.  Can we expect to see any crossover between the two universes?

BN: As far as characters or storyline, not really.  The only real similarity between the two series is the vast variety of beings.  In the Spiritual Discord series the beasties range from fallen angels, to vampires and succubus, to hell hounds and witches.  I love my beasties!  🙂


To find out more about Brandy Nacole’s work, visit her site.  As always, we’d like to thank our interviewee for letting us take a rest in their corner of Otherworld!

If you’re the creator of fantasy worlds and you would like to be interviewed for your work, contact us via the link in the menu bar.

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael DeAngelo

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