Fantasy Promo – Sharmat’s Folly

UPDATE: Clinton Seeber has been awesome enough to let us know about a deal on this title (originally featured on the 1st of February).  There is a free E-Book giveaway for this book from now until March 15th.  You’ll need to go to Smashwords and select to buy the book.  When prompted for the coupon code, use TG75E.  Please enjoy Sharmat’s Folly!


I relish the opportunity to work with people, and sometimes it’s as little a collaboration as “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” Today’s case is brought to you by a fellow who helped me identify a silly mistake in several of my books (which, I’m sad to admit, I have still neglected to rectify).

Clinton Seeber has a handful of stories available on Amazon, but it’s his fantasy book (and growing series) that tickles my fancy.  It’s a quick, cozy read, despite the genre and the length of the book.  You’ll fly through the pages before you know it.

Sharmat's Folly

Trena Treelimb is a beautiful young Redwood Elf living in a time of peace in Wildingwood Forest, but she is about to become a woman, an adult, and that peace shall be disturbed. After Trena meets a strange man, she finds out that the life-giving Elder Tree has been poisoned. The Redwood Elves believe that this strange new bard can be none other than the hero of prophecy known as Slayer who possesses a special thing that they call Evilbane. Thus the elves send Trena and the bard on a quest to destroy the source of the poison, which is the only way to save the Elder Tree and prevent the evil god and enemy of the Creator, wicked Samhain Sharmat, from escaping from his prison. This is Sharmat’s Folly, Book One of The Slayer Series!

If you’re interested in Sharmat’s Folly, you should check it out on Amazon.  It’s only a matter of time before Seeber releases the follow-up!

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2 thoughts on “Fantasy Promo – Sharmat’s Folly”

  1. Hi, Michael. I am back to let everyone know that there is a free e-book give away of “Sharmat’s Folly going on from now to March 15, 2016 only at Smashwords. One will need a Smashwords account and use this coupon code: TG75E
    They will have to select to “buy” the book and then enter that coupon code at checkout, thus making it free.
    Go here to take advantage of the offer:

    If one so chooses, they may leave a review at any site of their choosing (Amazon, Goodreads etc.) in exchange for this gift. Thank you very much!

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