Fantasy Promo – Dark Retribution (The Chronicles of Darius, Book 19)

Howdy folks!  There certainly wasn’t any exaggeration when I said that this week was going to be an awesome one for the Otherworld.  Earlier we showed off an impressive debut, but today we venture into a world like you won’t ever believe.  Check out the nineteenth book in the massive series, the Chronicles of Darius.  This is Dark Retribution.

Jess Thomas is a writing phenom, and she’s delivered a lengthy and well-liked series that follows the life of the interesting and unique Darius.  Dark Retribution (The Chronicles of Darius, Book 19) demonstrates that even this many books in, Thomas shows no signs of stopping, no indication of fatigue, and certainly no lack of clever ideas.  There are always new twists and turns that are explored, and it always feels like a fresh take, and not a retread.  And of course the most catching part of this series are Thomas’s wonderful characters, who you’ll fall in love with.

The Future of Three Clan Members is in Question

You can’t kill evil, not easily anyway. Villains have tried to destroy Darius before, and now things have finally come to a head. Now, three family members will be thrown into a nightmare. A magical world made up of dark shadows, the bazaar, and the unusual is just behind a palace wall, and this is where Darius’s loved ones must go to retrieve a page from the Book of the Dead. When you walk in shadows, answers are few and far between; dangers and mysteries are not. They will have to look carefully into the shadows to survive. One misstep and they will disappear.

Enjoy this next installment of The Chronicles of Darius, where imagination runs wild and old enemies try to exact their revenge. The tides of destiny will invariably be tested, and they will perform the most fantastic dance of all, a dance of survival to make it back home and avoid Dark Retribution.

While Dark Retribution is the nineteenth installment of this storied series, it can be read as a standalone.  There is plenty of backstory that the author hints at, and of course you would do yourself a disservice by ignoring the earlier works, but both the series and this book are great fun for older readers.  Thomas makes easy work of mixing elements of mystery and romance, thrills and chills, and she makes it look easy.  If you’re interested in a great book that’s a part of an awesome series, this is a great fit.  Check out Dark Retribution (The Chronicles of Darius Book 19) on Amazon today!

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