Fantasy Book Review – Shieldwolf Dawning

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk about Shieldwolf Dawning, a clever little fantasy tale that put a lot of focus on morality and childhood philosophy.  I really liked the tone that the story set, and I know that it was a first-time write for the author, so I was equally impressed.

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Since then, I went on to give it a 5 star rating.  I thought it was too good a story to pass up, and more importantly, it told a brilliant message.


Some excerpts:

“Samarra Dawning starts off as a meek, yet fiery thing, but grows into a person who is more confident in her choices, even if some of the ones that she’s had to make were difficult. She’s held back by certain people early on, but some new scenery opens up her mind and her possibilities in life.”

“Shieldwolf Dawning is a wonderful romp through the imagination that is perfect for adolescents, and a fun read for adults that still have a childlike gleam to them.”


And hear what other people have to say as well:

“There are plenty of strong themes that run throughout the narrative… with a focus on nature and respecting the environment”

“Samarra is a character who you immediately connect with; she’s caring and devoted to her brother, but also not entirely selfless—in short, she’s satisfyingly complex.”

“Nemorin has developed a believable world with exotic environments and fantastic creatures that inhabit them. But the most impressive aspect of the novel is its magic. Nemorin writes with fluid creativity and poetic rhythm to the incantations and enchantments. When characters perform spells, the experience feels spectacular.”


It’s a great enough experience that I’ve reached out to the author for an interview – one of the first ones I’ve done in a while – and I hope to have that up for you soon as well!

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