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Every once in a while, you turn up with something that is more than just a story.  It’s an idea that, even though it might be so simple, can have some pretty far-reaching concepts.

There was a brilliant book that came out in the 1800’s by the name of Flatland, and though it poked fun at certain questionable Victorian era ideals, its most enduring charm came from the concept that there were two dimensional beings that were suddenly coming into concept with three dimensional beings.  Hilarity ensued.

George Kramer’s story, Arcadis: Prophecy, strikes me with the same level of simple complexity.  At it’s focus, it is just so basic.  Colors represent different sorcerers, and at the top, primary colors rule.  As they dilute, and become secondary colors, the magic isn’t as pure either.  In a lot of ways, we’re talking fantasy reverse-eugenics here.

I’ll let the material speak for itself:



In the beginning of the sorcerer world there existed three primary colored powers red, blue, and yellow. Prior to Lord Quill’s ascension to head sorcerer, his predecessor ruled no one was allowed to marry outside of their respective color. Every sorcerer was a primary colored power.

When Lord Quill took control, he did not want anyone to usurp his authority. Thus he ruled no primary colored power may be allowed to marry another primary colored power. Hence a dilution occurred. When a blue colored power sorcerer married a yellow powered sorcerer, the baby was green powered and considered a secondary power. When a red colored powered sorcerer married a blue powered sorcerer, it created a purple secondary powered sorcerer and so on. Can the primaries and secondary’s get along or will there be a struggle between the two classes?


It’s an awesome concept, and the story’s gritty first-person account is definitely a breath of fresh air in a usually otherwise pristine genre.

Kramer has a lot of room for growth with his characters as well.  He seems to have a lot of confidence in himself and his work.  I want to know how to get me one of these:




If you’re interested in Kramer’s work, you can check out Arcadis: Prophecy on Amazon.  He’s got his work up in ebook format, and in paperback.  And for more from the man himself, here is his blog.

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