Occasionally, we’ve had the awesome opportunity to work with other authors in the fantasy community.  These people are generous, talented, outspoken or a combination of all of these qualities.  Above all else, they are folks that we want to keep in contact with, and we’d like you to be aware of them as well.  This is a new feature on the website, so you’ll see this page grow more over the next few weeks.


Eric K Barnum

The creator of the Forsaken Isles books, Erik K Barnum is as prolific a fantasy author as they come.  We’re incredibly lucky to have rubbed shoulders with him here on Tellest.

Barnum’s works include Dar Tania, Malcor’s Story and Bomoki’s Gate.  Each of them comes with a fair share of world-building, character development, and twists and turns that keep you on your toes.

If you’re interested in seeing what Barnum is up to, check out his blog to see what’s going on in the Forsaken Isles!




L.E. Parr is the writer of the stunning urban fantasy series Fariidinus.  She’s been incredibly generous with her time and her work, and we’d like to celebrate her character and her talent here on Tellest.

A productive storyteller and worldbuilder if ever there was one, Parr’s main focus is on a world on Earth that’s just beyond our comprehension, where fairies dwell—beings that are as lethal as they are beautiful.

Parr is an author to watch out for.  She’s got a showcase of her completed and upcoming books on her website.  Don’t take our word for it—go and check it out now!


J.S. Morin

We have had the privilege of working with J.S. Morin on multiple occasions over the years.  It all started with an interview in 2014, and proceeded on with a few promotions for his books.

Let us tell you, he’s got plenty of them. Morin is one of the more prolific writers we’ve had the opportunity to witness over the years, and it doesn’t look like there’s any stopping him.  With a score of books behind him that cover Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Steampunk, Morin is definitely one of the authors you want to keep on your radar!

Check out his website here.


Dan Osarchuk

Writer of the Night Skies Over Valhallow series, Dan is a writer who is robust with his words.  His books are set in a dystopian future of our world, and they contain the right mix of humor, action and allegory.

Check out our promo for his book, Red Noon at Helltowne when you get the opportunity, and give it a look on Amazon as well!

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